Small Business Owners Express Dire Concerns About Biden’s Economic Policies


A recent poll indicates growing dissatisfaction among small business owners with President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy, highlighting significant challenges they face under his administration. Conducted by various sources, these surveys reveal a troubling outlook for many entrepreneurs.

A poll conducted by the Job Creators Network Foundation shows that 61% of small business owners support former President Donald Trump over Biden for the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

This preference is driven by concerns over economic policies that many believe stifle growth and increase operational challenges​.

Another survey from the Western Journal reports that a staggering 63% of small businesses have frozen hiring due to economic uncertainties. This hesitation stems from issues such as inflation, high labor costs, and lingering effects from pandemic-era shutdowns.

Additionally, 47% of respondents fear their businesses are at risk of closing if the current economic conditions persist​​.

Further emphasizing the gravity of the situation, a survey conducted by the Freedom Economy Index found that almost 50% of small business owners do not believe they will survive another Biden term. Concerns about stagflation and rising costs are prompting some to consider closing their businesses or selling to larger competitors. This sentiment is particularly strong among sectors like retail, construction, and the automotive industry, which have been hit hard by economic instability​​.

Despite some positive reports about a record number of new business applications under the Biden administration, the overall sentiment among existing small business owners remains bleak. Many feel burdened by regulatory pressures and economic policies that they believe hinder their ability to thrive​.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, the economic policies and their impact on small businesses will likely be a central issue, influencing voter preferences and shaping the political landscape.



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