Democrat Donors Withdraw Support Amid Calls for Biden’s Resignation


The political landscape has been shaken as major Democrat donors express doubts about President Joe Biden's ability to lead, following a troubling debate performance. Insiders report that Biden's cognitive issues, evident during the debate, have led to calls for his resignation. Key donors are pressuring First Lady Jill Biden to convince her husband to step aside, citing concerns over his mental and physical fitness.

During the debate, Biden's frequent lapses and reliance on note cards underscored these worries. Reports indicate that he struggles to work past 4 PM and often begins his day late, raising further questions about his capacity to fulfill presidential duties effectively. This has led to a growing sense of panic among Democrats, with some contemplating alternatives like Vice President Kamala Harris or California Governor Gavin Newsom.

As Biden insists he is the best candidate to defeat Trump, the tension within the Democratic Party mounts. Some strategists fear that continued support for Biden could jeopardize the party's chances in the upcoming election. The uncertainty has also led to a decline in campaign contributions, threatening to derail Biden's re-election efforts.

The donors' concern is amplified by Biden's performance during critical meetings. Reports indicate that he often takes ten minutes to start meetings and heavily relies on written notes, which has made many uncomfortable about his leadership abilities. This inconsistency in his performance has only added to the growing doubts about his cognitive health.

House Speaker Mike Johnson highlighted a specific instance where Biden was unaware of an ongoing liquid natural gas export policy, mistakenly stating it was "only a study." Such lapses have led many within his party to question his awareness and grasp of current policies, fueling further concerns about his suitability for the presidency.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has noted a significant decline in Biden's ability to engage in detailed policy discussions. He pointed out that Biden's dependence on notes and aides during negotiations is markedly different from his earlier years in politics. McCarthy's observations reflect a broader sentiment among some Democrats who feel Biden is no longer fit to lead.

Amid this turmoil, Jill Biden has been criticized for not persuading her husband to step down. Despite facing backlash, she continues to stand by Biden, describing his debate performance as just a "bad night." However, her stance has not alleviated concerns among donors and party officials who believe a change in candidacy is necessary for the party's success.

As the debate incident and subsequent donor backlash highlight a critical juncture for the Democratic Party, the decision on Biden's future candidacy hangs in the balance. With internal divisions and looming election pressures, the party must navigate these challenges carefully to maintain its political standing and address the growing concerns about Biden's cognitive health.


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