Young Children Turned Into Tanks, Bombers By Russia

(Social media footage snapshot)

The youngest and most innocent children in Russia are increasingly falling victim to vicious warmongering and aggression of the Putin regime.

Shocking and creepy footage shows a Russian kindergarten parading kids dressed as battle tanks, fighter jets, bombers, and ballistic missiles.

Putin Regime Now Militarizing Children

Russia invaded Ukraine 75 days ago, as Moscow’s dictator sought to conquer it for his neo-Soviet post-Communist Russian empire.

Monday, Russia marked May 9, or “Victory Day”, its most important public holiday which celebrates the former Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany at the end of World War II.

There were widespread expectations that a fuming Putin would take the occasion to escalate the war in Ukraine.

While, in that regard, the Moscow “V-Day” parade went “better” than many in the West expected, the entire civilized world is now shocked at the sign of video footage showing “weaponized”  kindergarten children in Russia.

These children are dressed up as heavy military equipment of the kind presently being obliterated by the Ukrainians largely using western-made weaponry.

The social media video in question shows dozens of young children in “military hardware” costumes, while their teachers and/or parents are seen dressed in full-fledged military uniforms.

It remained unclear where exactly the creepy video of the poor, innocent “tank” children was filmed.

However, it could have been anywhere. In recent years, the Russian regime has been “militarizing” kids with its so-called “Young Army.”

Here, even first-graders go to school in military uniforms. This is in shocking reminiscence of the Hitlerjugend in Nazi Germany and the Komsomol in the former Soviet Union.


(Social media footage snapshot)

Grotesque Parade of Kindergarten Child Tanks for Russia’s ‘Glory’

The video in question shows children even younger than first grade, still in kindergarten. A boy can be seen dressed as a battle tank inscribed with a “Z”, the code letter for Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine.

Besides the cardboard tank around him, featuring a Russian flag, the boy also wears a leather helmet and a military uniform, just like those of Russian tank operators.

Numerous other children can be seen wearing fighter jet costumes, or just dressing up as soldiers or military medics. Two more can be noticed dressed as tanks, not with the letter “Z,” but with red stars from the time of the former Soviet Union.

The female teachers in the video also wear Soviet military uniform costumes; meanwhile, the entire group of children is parading in the kindergarten courtyard.

The creepy event in which kindergarten kids were turned into a grotesque show of military machines and troops was apparently designed to mimic the infamous “World War II Victory Day” parades that take place on May 9.

This happens in cities all over Russia to propagate its “greatness.” Never mind that at present, the Putin regime and Russian military are waging an atrocious war of aggression and getting defeated in the process.