Woman Screams at BLM Supporters After They Try to Cheer on Attempted Murderer

Minneapolis, Minnesota, or “Murdersota” as some now call it, is being rocked by angry protests once again.

This follows the police killing of a black criminal called Tekle Sundberg. He opened fire on a woman and her kids and was subsequently shot dead.

On July 16, members of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) group staged a demonstration in front of the building where Sundberg was killed. According to them, the police abused their power.

BLM Shouted At By Angry Woman

While several people protested outside, Arabella Yarbrough, one of the building’s residents, appeared furious at what was happening. She shared what happened to her and her family in Saturday’s shooting.

According to Yarbrough, on Wednesday night, July 13, she was at home preparing dinner with her two children peacefully.

Then, she began hearing several shots, which entered the room and almost hit her and her kids. They had to hide in fear of being killed.

She said after that the police promptly confronted the shooter and helped her, her children and many other residents escaped the scene and were so thankful to be alive.

It took more than six hours of confrontation and distress until the officers succeeded in the action of taking Sundberg down.

Sundberg, 20, is being called “loving and artistic” by BLM activists. They say police didn’t need to shoot him.

The truth, obviously, is he didn’t need to shoot into an apartment full of innocent people. Yarbrough said, in defense of the officers, they acted correctly and it was because of them that lives were saved.

Enraged at the protesters, who protested in favor of Sundberg, she was stunned and dissatisfied that people can protest in favor of an attempted murderer.

Her face red with rage, Yarbrough told them that her mixed-race child was in the car and she was sick of hearing their BLM lies and excuses for murder.

Not A ‘George Floyd’ Issue

Feeling offended by the whole situation, Yarbrough added it was not a George Floyd situation.

She further confronted the protesters, saying they would be doing the same if they were her. If not, they would have lost their lives to a murderer who would have tried to kill her in front of her children.

She also said that now she has to deal with several shooting holes in her kitchen and also with emotional issues in the psychological development of her children.

Let’s face it, progressive activists sometimes put their feet in their mouths and have trouble understanding who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy.

Just for once, can’t they stand up for the actual victim and the actual truth or does it always have to be part of their propaganda narrative?

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.