Woke Employee Fired For “Mourning” Over Restricted Abortion Access

A woke employee of a multinational music company, Universal Music Group (UMG), got fired for refusing to do work and sending controversial emails after the Roe v. Wade abortion verdict.

Instead of sending the company’s music schedule to the email list, the woke employee told subscribers he cannot work as he is mourning, due to restricted abortion access.

Woke Employee Fired For Preaching Beliefs to Email List

After getting fired for not going to his job, production coordinator Michael Lopez at the UMG, wrote a lengthy and emotional message on LinkedIn.

Lopez chided his company as “anti-gay” over sacking a “queer brown individual” during the Pride month of June just because he wanted to defend “abortion rights.”

The woke employee asserted the Supreme Court verdict left everyone “devastated,” so he was also unable to digest the decision which barred women of their reproductive rights.

Similarly, Lopez noted companies must not expect their employees to be productive at a time when the rights of the very same employees have been snatched.

According to Lopez, his job duty included making reports for forthcoming music releases of the company and sending them to 275 people every Friday.

However, Lopez continued, he did not do his work one Friday. He instead sent a controversial email to the company’s contact list mentioning “I didn’t do them today” as “I’m in mourning” since “people with uteruses” have been attacked by the US Supreme Court.

Likewise, the email noted that his company must not donate money to pro-life politicians, adding he will face more unproductive days. 

Lopez further established, in his LinkedIn post, that he received a welcoming response from his colleagues and even his manager, who called him to take the day off.

LinkedIn Users Slammed Lopez’s Controversial Behavior

While the employee mentioned he anticipated the company’s response of firing him, Lopez said he is “proud of” letting his colleagues know the company donated money to anti-abortion politicians.  

When he received the message from HR about leaving the company and giving the company’s laptop back, Lopez once again emailed the 275 people on the list, announcing he got fired for speaking up regarding abortion during Pride month.

The spokesperson for UMG told the New York Post that the company could not speak about  personal beliefs of any individual, but the version of the story posted on social media was incorrect.

The spokesperson also maintained the company has a deep regard for abortion rights of women, and the group sees “healthcare as essential.”

Although Lopez tried to win the sympathy of the viewers on LinkedIn, some users were very highly critical of his controversial behavior.

One LinkedIn user accused Lopez of being “lazy” and “ignorant,” adding the employee was making excuses not to do a simple task just for something that will never impact his health in any sense.

Another critic commented that employees must keep in mind the consequences of these types of ideological stances in companies, as employers are usually left with no choice after these sorts of behaviors.