White House to Promote Biden’s New Infrastructure Package

Earlier this month, President Biden signed a $1.2 trillion spending bill into federal law. This is a package the Congressional Budget Office confirmed will add a grand $256 billion to America’s national deficit within the next decade.

Americans should also know the recently passed infrastructure bill includes a whopping $7.5 billion for electric vehicles in the United States. To some Americans, it’s fascinating that this push for electric vehicles comes as President Biden is launching various onslaughts against energy production.

This is only a fraction of what the law entails. Ultimately, the means by which this new law will be paid for includes increasing taxes and running up the national debt.

Democrats refuse to be forthcoming with Americans about this reality. Yet, nevertheless, the Congressional Budget Office continues to reveal the hidden truths Democrats don’t wish to discuss.

In a new twist, though, Vice President Kamala Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg are going to be traveling this week to promote the new law, according to Breitbart News.

What to Expect from the White House

On Thursday, Harris and Buttigieg will make their way for a visit to Charlotte, North Carolina. During this time, both the vice president and Transportation Secretary will be discussing the infrastructure bill passed earlier this month.

To be precise, Harris and Buttigieg will make the case that this $1.2 trillion infrastructure package is going to lead to more union jobs in America while also fixing infrastructure.

During their time in Charlotte, it is unlikely these members of the Biden administration will discuss the inherent tax increases to come from this new law.

North Carolina residents also shouldn’t count on Harris or Buttigieg to be forthcoming about the adverse impacts that more government spending is going to have on inflation.

The negative fiscal impacts stemming from this $1.2 trillion spending bill will be felt by not just North Carolinians, but also the rest of Americans across the United States.

A Tactic for Damage Control?

When assessing the polls surrounding Biden’s plan and agenda, the numbers are not good. For starters, nearly seven out of ten Americans do not approve of how the president has gone about dealing with inflation.

Likewise, almost eight in ten Americans say inflation has forced them to make certain modifications in their spending habits. What the president and his administration call “building back better” is merely putting more of a strain on people.

In light of these details, sending the vice president and Transportation Secretary out to promote an expensive new infrastructure law may appear to some Americans as the White House’s attempt to do damage control.

What do you think about the news that Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg will be promoting America’s new infrastructure law, come this Thursday?