West Scores First Win Against Putin, Thanks to Irish Fishermen

The West seems to have scored its very first win in the current military standoff with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. That victory has come from an unlikely place: Ireland’s fishermen.

Since the fall of 2021, Putin has nearly encircled Ukraine with some 130,000 troops with vast amounts of tanks, artillery, aircraft, and naval vessels.

The Russian leader is implicitly threatening to crush Ukraine unless the US and its NATO allies meet his impossible demands.

The arrogant demands boil down to allowing Russia to reestablish the former Soviet Union’s empire from the time of the Cold War with de facto control of all of Eastern Europe. They have naturally been rejected by the West.

Determined Trawlermen Beat Back Putin

Putin has been using various other provocations to strain the nerves of the Western nations and make various shows of power. Putin, however, was also forced to back down by the uncompromising bravery of Irish fishermen.

The Moscow autocrat was defeated without the firing of a single shot. This came after Irish fishermen threatened to send 60 trawlers to sail right among the unwanted Russian battleships, thus disrupting their communication during the maneuvers, the Daily Mail reported.

According to representatives of the Irish fishermen, the area southwest of Cork contains half a billion tons of fish of the blue whiting species; plus, the seismic shocks from the Russian missiles could disrupt the migration patterns of tuna.

They made it clear Ireland’s fishing industry has taken as much as it can, leading them to threaten and, if necessary, implement the decisive action against the uninvited Russian naval encroachment.

(Map: RTE)

Russia Pretends It’s Doing the Irish People a Favor

Over the weekend, Yury Filatov, the Russian Ambassador in Ireland, revealed Putin would hold military exercises in a different place, outside of the Irish exclusive economic zone in the Atlantic.

The Kremlin’s “sensible decision” to back down was “welcomed” by Brendan Byrne from the Association of the Irish Fish Processors and Exporters.

Ireland’s Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney announced on Twitter that he received a letter confirming the Russians were moving their naval exercises out of his country’s exclusive economic zone.

He welcomed this response to Ireland’s opposition not turning its waters into a Russian military staging ground.

Putin’s defeat by the Irish fishermen came just as British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss announced the UK government is about to slap sanctions on major Russian companies close to the Kremlin.

In her words, Putin’s oligarchs would have “nowhere to hide”. The UK has been probably the top destination for the dirty money of Russian cronies.

Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared Britain’s preparedness to send troops and military equipment to NATO members in order to serve as a deterrent against potential Russian aggression in the region.