US to Pour $350 Million Worth of Weapons into Ukraine

(Snapshot from social media video showing Russian tank destroyed with Javelin missile)

The US government is going to give $350 million worth of badly needed weapons to Ukraine.

The announcement came on Friday night as Ukraine was approaching its third day of fending off the multi-pronged Russian invasion, not only surviving, but also inflicting heavy losses on Putin’s forces.

More Javelins to Smash Russian Tanks

As of Saturday afternoon local time, Russians failed to capture any of Ukraine’s major cities.

They even failed to fully encircle the capital Kyiv, as troops and residents have been resisting bravely. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy even earlier snubbed a US offer to be evacuated with his family.

On Friday, President Biden authorized Antony Blinken, his Secretary of State, to release $350 million in military support to Ukraine.

The two previous US weapons supply packages to Ukraine over the past year were worth $60 million and $250 million, respectively.

American weapons already delivered to the Ukrainians appear to have been of great use for them already, in particular the Javelin anti-tank missile systems.

The total US military assistance to Ukraine authorized by Biden on Friday is actually for $600 million, as an additional $250 million are to be offered “without regard” to any legal provisions.

As of Saturday morning, the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported the heavy casualties and damages it inflicted upon the Russian invaders.

They took out more than 3,500 killed Russian soldiers, 102 tanks, 536 BMPs and other armored vehicles, eight attack helicopters, and 14 military planes, including two transporters planes downed last night.

(General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces)

Billions of US Military Aid for Ukraine Coming

On Saturday, a senior official from the British Ministry of Defense announced the UK and a total of 25 other nations decided to provide either military or humanitarian assistance to Ukraine or both.

On Friday, Poland, a member of both NATO and the EU, which borders Ukraine, became the first country to provide the Ukrainians with military aid, since Russia invaded on Thursday.

The Poles sent to Ukraine an overland convoy carrying small arms and ammunition worth $8 million.

For the time being, there have been no details revealed as to the routes through which American, British and other military aid will reach the Ukrainian forces fighting the Russians.

That’s because the Russian missiles and fighter jets reign supreme in Ukraine’s skies even as the Ukrainian air force and air defenses appear to have preserved some of their capabilities.

It remains to be seen, however, whether any new military aid could reach the Ukrainian defenders in the capital Kyiv. Kyiv could be fully encircled by the Russians any day now or by the Ukrainian troops in Southern and Eastern Ukraine fighting to stop Putin’s advances.

At this point, the next several days are going to be very critical for both Ukraine and the world at large.