US Surpasses 800,000 COVID Deaths, More Dead Under Biden Than Trump

Congressional Republicans and Democrats honored the memory of the more than 800,000 Americans who have died of COVID-19 with a candlelight vigil at the Captiol Tuesday night. (Nancy Pelosi's Twitter profile)

The United States, on Tuesday, passed the tragic milestone of having suffered 800,000 fatalities from COVID.

With the COVID-19 death tally standing at roughly 400,000 on President Trump’s last day in office (when vaccination barely started), more Americans have now perished from the coronavirus under Democrat President Joe Biden.

This comes in spite of Biden’s vaccination campaign and the various mask and vaccination mandates championed by Democrats on the federal, state, and local levels.

Pandemic is Accelerating, Not Slowing

Congressional Republicans and Democrats mourned together the victims of COVID-19 in a candlelight vigil held outside the Capitol building.

More than 200,000 Americans have died of COVID since the vaccines became widely available towards the end of the spring; more than 60% of the US population has been fully vaccinated.

The death toll figure of 800,000, as per data of Johns Hopkins University, is roughly equal to the number of Americans who pass away annually of stroke or heart disease.

It is about the same as the combined city population of St. Louis and Atlanta, or Cleveland and Minneapolis.

Particularly worrying is the fact that while the 100,000 deaths between 600,000 and 700,000 took 111 days, reaching the 800,000th death from there took only 73 days, meaning the pandemic kill rate is actually accelerating, rather than slowing down.

The United States also remains the country in the world with the highest official number of COVID-19 deaths; although it is worth noting that official statistics for countries such as Russia, India, China, or even Brazil might not exactly be reliable.

For instance, in Russia’s case, it is well known that the official death toll has been lowered artificially by the government of President Vladimir Putin; the true figures could undermine the legitimacy of his regime.

A photo showing Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer at the candlelight vigil to mourn the COVID-19 deaths. House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy stood on Pelois’s right but is cut out of this photo shared on her Twitter profile. (Nancy Pelosi’s Twitter profile)

US Fares Poorly, Compared to Other Rich Nations

In any case, the US has the worst COVID-19 per capita death rate among the G7 group of wealthiest nations for the period of January 1 – November 30, 2021, according to figures compiled by Reuters.

Thus, among those, America’s death rate is three times that of Canada and 11 times that of Japan. Among the 38 countries from the OECD (“Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development”), the US is ranked 8th in terms of COVID-19 deaths per capital, after eight former communist states in Eastern Europe and Colombia.

On a wider international scale, America’s coronavirus death rate is 36th among over 200 countries and territories around the globe. Official figures put America’s share of global coronavirus fatalities at 15% against the backdrop of its population being 4% of the global.

The University of Washington recently projected that by March 1, the US is going to see more than 880,000 COVID-19 fatalities. At present, new infections average about 120,000 daily.

As the 800,000 deaths milestone was passed on Tuesday, Democrat President Joe Biden issued a statement, calling it tragic and urging all Americans to get vaccinated.

He noted 240 million Americans received at least one vaccine shot. Biden claimed the vaccination campaign under his presidency saved the lives of more than one million Americans.

Biden promoted the vaccines as being “safe, effective, free, and easy.”

The 800,000th coronavirus death in America came amid a warning by a White House official. This official told Axios a “large wave” of infections with the COVID-19 variant “is coming” and the administration is bracing for a pandemic “explosion.”