Ukrainian City Butchered by Sadistic Russian General

The hundreds of thousands of residents of Mariupol, Ukraine are being butchered by Mikhail Mizintsev, a particularly sadistic Russian general who brutalizes his own soldiers.

The entire world recently learned Mariupol has been reduced to rubble by the Russian invaders. Yet, its vastly embattled, outgunned, and outnumbered Ukrainian soldiers and civilian defenders still refuse to surrender.

The Horror of Mariupol

Mariupol got encircled and isolated from the rest of Ukraine almost immediately after Russia invaded Ukraine from all sides.

Putin is widely believe to truly hate Mariupol and its residents since 2014, when he first invaded Ukraine in order to punish it for ousting his puppet Viktor Yanukovych as president.

Now, eight years after he seized Crimea and began the war in Donbass, Putin unleashed Russia’s military might against all of Ukraine.

The fierce defenses of Ukrainians, and the terrible logistical failures of Russians, have now revealed the Russian military as vastly overrated.

However, as Putin’s hordes kept losing militarily, they have upped the ante by committing atrocious war crimes all over the map, with those in Mariupol being the most striking.

Russians have been trying to starve the defenders of Mariupol in a medieval-type siege, leaving hundreds of thousands with no food, drinking water, electricity or heating.

Also, Russians have been lying about allowing evacuation and then bombing the civilian evacuees, bombing a maternity hospital, an art center, the city theater sheltering nearly 1,300 children and women, among many others.

It turns out the man in charge of the horrifying war crimes in Ukraine’s Mariupol is the commander of the Russian force surrounding the city, Col. Gen. Mikhail Mizintsev.

He appears to be nothing but a hardened sadist brutalizing his own soldiers.

(Snapshot from social media footage shows a dead body lying in the street in Mariupol, Ukraine)

Putin-loving Sadist in Charge on the Ground

This much has been revealed by a leaked tape of Mizintsev yelling at a subordinate about why a Russian soldier hasn’t been punished in totally shocking ways, such as cutting off his ears.

Mizintsev can be heard in an audio clip of a phone call intercepted by Ukrainians, and leaked on social media by Ukrainian diplomat Olexander Sherba.

The tape reveals how Mizintsev is fuming because some Russian private hadn’t been wearing his uniform properly and wasn’t punished sadistically for it.

In it, the butcher of Mariupol yells at a junior commander as to why the soldier isn’t “limping by now”. He instructs his subordinate the private has to be beaten up with a bottle and his face has to be “messed up.”

In the audio, Mizintsev can also be heard describing the soldier as “bovine scum.” He asks the unit commander why the private’s ears haven’t been “cut off” yet and why his face hasn’t been “mutilated yet.”

To make his outburst even more bizarre, he instructs his subordinate to have the soldier crushed by “unknown assailants” at night, who are supposed to be “jumping him” over and over.

It turns out the devastation in Mariupol isn’t the first time that perverted sadist Mizintsev has been committing war crimes.

He is said to have been involved in Putin’s intervention in the Syrian Civil War. Russians saved the throne of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, including by destroying Aleppo, a city of nearly two million people, which had been controlled by opposition forces.

For the time being, Mizintsev, the butcher of Mariupol, avoided the Ukrainian snipers and missiles. However, there have been calls out of Ukraine that he should be tried for war crimes, together with his boss Putin.