Ukraine Mocks Russia for Wonder Weapon Desperation

(Russian Defense Ministry photo of the Peresvet laser weapon system claimed to be capable of blinding American space satellites and of blowing up Ukrainian war drones)

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the plucky leader of Ukraine, mocked Russia and its bloody dictator Vladimir Putin for announcing a new laser weapon.

He compared their rush to find some “wonder weapon” to that of the Nazis and their leader Adolf Hitler, as the latter were losing the Second World War.

Moscow now claims its new weapon system, a laser named Peresvet, is capable of wreaking havoc on enemy drones and space satellites.

‘Wonder Weapons’ vs. Admitting War is Catastrophe

Speaking in one of his highly popular social media addresses, on Thursday night, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy ridiculed the latest “wonder weapon” announcement out of Moscow, insisting the Putin regime is apparently mimicking Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Hitler’s regime in Germany spent the second half of their war against the world, as of 1942, frantically trying to develop some “wunderwaffen”, i.e. “wonder weapons”, to turn the tide, blasting out rabid propaganda.

Zelenskyy reminded the Nazi propaganda about “the wonder weapon” grew proportionally to the hopelessness of winning Hitler’s world war.

The Ukrainian leader noted “three months into” Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, Moscow is trying to invent a “wonder weapon,” which is “supposedly a laser.”

According to Zelenskyy, the Putin regime’s boasting about its laser weapon system demonstrates the “complete failure” of the invasion of Ukraine.

Moscow remains fully reluctant to “admit its catastrophic mistakes” with the attacks on its neighbor.

For the most part, Ukraine’s intelligence information about Russia and its war effort has been remarkably accurate, in-depth, and insightful.

(Social media footage snapshot shows Ukraine’s leader Zelenskyy comparing the “wonder weapon” ambitions of Putin’s Russia to those of Nazi Germany)

Russia’s Weapon Developers Invent ‘New Physical Principles’

Earlier this week, Yury Borisov, a Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in charge of weapons development, announced the “successful testing” of the Peresvet laser weapons system.

While experts and independent journalists already expressed major doubts about the efficiency and existence of the Peresvet laser, Borisov alleged the new weapon system was used to burn up a drone located three miles away.

The Russian government also insists the laser can be used to blind enemy satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 932 miles, or 1,500 kilometers.

The efficiency and even the very existence of all those weapon systems remain in doubt. Putin has been mocked by critics for loving to show CGI cartoons, supposedly proving the Russian military has them.

According to Russian Deputy PM Borisov, the newly tested laser weapon Peresvet is based on “new physical principles” and the “electromagnetic wideband weapon” in question can “inflict thermal destruction” on numerous kinds of enemy hardware.

It remains to be seen whether Peresvet can do anything. However, the fact the Ukrainian leader laughed it off casts severe doubts on Moscow’s latest Nazi-style “wonder weapon.”