Ukraine Kills Two Highest Ranking Russian Generals

(Social media photo by InfoNapalm shows the dead body of Russian Maj. Gen. Roman Kutuzov)

Ukraine’s plucky defenders dealt a major new blow to the invaders from Russia. Ukraine soldiers ambushed and killed the two highest-ranking Russian generals to perish so far in the invasion.

Ukraine Kills Highest-Ranking Russian Officers So Far

On Sunday, the Ukrainian military allegedly killed both Major General Roman Kutuzov, 43, and Lieutenant General Roman Berdnikov, 47.

The reports about the former’s death have been confirmed by Russian sources; those about the latter’s killing haven’t been confirmed, although Ukrainian social media channels claim he perished.

Kutuzov and Berdnikov have thus become the 11th and 12th Russian generals to be killed in the war in Ukraine, respectively. Berdnikov, if his death is confirmed, will become the most senior Russian military commander to die during Putin’s Ukraine invasion.

Both Kutuzov and Berdnikov were killed amid an ambush in the Donbass region in Southeast Ukraine on Sunday, the reports claim.

In a social media post on Sunday, Mikhaylo Podolyak, one of the advisers to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said more than 80,000 Russian and Russian proxy troops have been killed or wounded so far.

(Official photos show Russian Generals Roman Berdnikov and Roman Kutuzov, both killed on Sunday in a Ukrainian ambush in the Donbass region)

Putin’s Generals Ambushed in Fresh Ukrainian Massacre of Russian Invaders

Both Lt. Gen. Roman Berdnikov and Maj. Gen. Roman Kutuzov were killed when Ukrainian forces ambushed their convoy at a bridge in the Donetsk region, the southwestern part of the Donbass, The Sun reported.

While Kutuzov’s death was widely publicized by international media, Berdnikov’s death is still considered unconfirmed, fueling speculations that Russian propaganda managed to decrease the PR fallout of Moscow’s newly suffered blow.

The two generals were the highest-ranking Russian military commanders in the Donbass region.

Bernikov’s killing alongside Kutuzov was confirmed by Alexander Sladkov, a Russian TV reporter and war correspondent, and a famous pro-Putin propagandist.

In a report on the Telegram messaging app, Sladkov revealed the Ukrainian ambush occurred on Sunday morning when Russian generals’ convoy was targeted by a group of Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage units.

According to Sladkov, the less senior general, Kutuzov, died when the vehicles right on the bridge were blown up. Berdnikov was assumed to have survived in some of the Russian military vehicles that managed to escape.

However, he is now believed to have perished in the ensuing shelling of those vehicles by  Ukrainians. Berdnikov was heavily involved in the Russian intervention in the Syrian Civil War since 2015.

In fact, on May 9, Russia’s World War II Victory Day, he was seen at a public celebration event of the Russian troops in Syria where he gave a speech.

Besides the 12th generals now, Ukraine already killed a total of 49 Russian colonels and a total of close to 700 officers overall.