Ukraine Exposes Dirty Secret of Russian Air Force

(Maj. Gen. Botashev seen in archive photo from before 2012)

The defenders of Ukraine just uncovered a surprising, dirty secret of the Air Force of the Russian invaders.

These invaders have been mauling their country at the orders of Moscow dictator Vladimir Putin for three months now.

The secret was exposed after Ukrainian troops used a US-made Stinger missile to shoot down a top-notch Russian fighter jet, only to discover it was piloted by an overaged man.

The man turned out to be a retired general from Putin’s Air Force who hadn’t seen flying in at least a decade.

Surprising Find in Downed Expensive Russian Fighter Jet

The Ukrainian military was stunned when it established the high-profile Russian pilot downed by its troops is no other than Major General Kanamat Botashev.

He is a 63-year-old man who retired from the Russian military back in 2012.

Botashev’s death is remarkable because it is seen as unequivocal evidence that the Russian Air Force is running out of trained pilots for its war of aggression against Ukraine.

The Putin regime seems to be forcing elderly grandpas out of retirement and tossing them immediately into battle to try to overwhelm valiant, courageous Ukrainian defenders.

The conclusion in question is certainly not implausible, considering that a total of 206 Russian warplanes of mostly fighter jets have already been shot down by Ukrainians.

Their pilots either died in the downing or have ejected and have been captured. Those in the latter category are now awaiting war crime trials, and/or POW exchanges with the Russians.

(Maj. Gen. Botashev seen in archive photo from before 2012)

Putin’s Regime Propositioned Old Man to Kill Ukrainians

Botashev was shot down in the Luhansk region of the Donbass in Southeast Ukraine by a Stinger-wielding Ukrainian soldier. This happened at 8:25 am on May 22, according to a report by the Russian-language service of the BBC.

He was piloting a Su-25 attack fighter jet worth an estimated $11.3 million. The elderly military vet perished as he was unable to eject for some reason.

Botashev’s death was confirmed before the BBC by one of his former colleagues who claimed the retired Russian Air Force general “simply couldn’t stay away” from the war in Ukraine after he was “offered the chance to fly.”

According to Ukrainian analysts, the old man was actually propositioned by the Putin regime to take part in the war of aggression against the Ukrainians.

While the vicious, lying propaganda of the Putin regime claimed both the Ukrainian Air Force and the Ukrainian anti-aircraft artillery have been destroyed, the false allegation in question remains very far from the truth.

So much so that the Russians have not only been unable to dominate the skies in Ukraine, but they have actually started to dread sending their aircraft there for fear of losing them.

According to some Ukrainian estimates, Russia already lost about half of its operational aircraft. Ukraine’s government admits the situation there is extremely difficult.