‘Turkey Joe’ Goes Even More Bizarre during Thanksgiving Pardon

(White House)

Democrat President Joe “Supply Chain Crisis” Biden acted remarkably bizarrely at the White House during the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon as he compared turkeys to human populations and made false claims about poultry in his home state of Delaware.

Trying to Get Turkeys to Speak English? Seriously?

After 22 months at the White House, Sleepy Joe seems to have unconditionally secured the title of having more gaffes than any US president ever, many of those coming amid obvious senior moments.  

Biden’s second annual Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon earlier this week came days after his 80th birthday, an event leading leftist online propaganda to celebrate him as the “first octogenarian” to occupy the White House, and even as a “super-ager,” that is, an elderly person of enviable cognitive ability – never mind that the latter hardly seems to be the case.

As he was about to pardon the two turkeys named Chocolate and Chip, in one his most bizarre comments ever, Biden asked Rinnie Parker, the head of the National Turkey Federation, how many turkeys are raised on the farm they came from.

When he learned the farm had 9.5 million turkeys, Empty Shelves Joe exclaimed, “God love ya!”

He added that this was “like some of the countries” he had visited.

After his weird turkey vs. human nation comparison, the Democrat president of the United States asked one of the two turkeys whether it wanted to speak and offered them the microphone.

“You wanna talk?” Sleepy Joe asked.

As his turkey-speaking attempt was to no avail, he turned around and walked away, accompanied by some “awkward laughter,” The Daily Mail reported.

The report noted that Biden has indeed visited over a dozen countries since occupying the White House almost two years ago, and some of those – “like Israel” – have populations similar to the turkey farm where Cholate and Chip hatched – except the former consist of humans, not fowl.

(White House)

He Mocked GOP over the Real ‘Red Wave’

However, Joe Biden’s bizarre moments during his second annual Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon didn’t end there.

For instance, he gave a speech filled with supposedly funny puns containing claims that the 2022 midterm elections saw no “fowl play.”

Turkey Joe also mocked the Republican Party and election forecasts by explaining the only “red wave” he saw this year would be when his dog, German Shepherd Commander, “knocked over the cranberry sauce.”

In his turkey pardon address, Biden falsely declared that his home state of Delaware had more chickens than any other state in the nation, followed by another false claim – that Delaware didn’t have any turkeys.

According to Statista data, Delaware isn’t even in the top three states in chicken numbers: Iowa with 60 million, Ohio with 46 million, and Indiana with 45.6 million.

At the start of his speech, Empty Shelves Joe also set off with some humor as he said he would keep it short because the weather was chilly and “nobody likes [their] turkey cold.”

The Turkey Pardon ceremony was also attended by scandalous and prodigal First Son Hunter Biden and his son, the president’s grandson Beau.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.