Trump’s 2024 Campaign Takes a Hit

Former President Donald Trump may have been a bit too optimistic about his presidential campaign. Dozens of rivals for the Republican primaries popped out of nowhere, slowly chipping away at his support.

At last week’s Republican Jewish Coalition conference, several ambitious hopefuls upended Trump’s 2024 campaign with their own propositions for 2024, pressing all the right buttons for the politicians eyeing the White House campaigns.

GOP betrays Trump as dozens of potential candidates pop up out of nowhere

While only a few mentioned Trump by name, all of them made sure to get their message across, claiming they will not back down from the former president. This comes after what turned out to be the third consecutive poorly executed election.

What’s more, the majority of these anti-Trump whistleblowers were those closest to him during his time in office, such as Mike Pompeo, the man Trump hand-picked to be the director of the CIA.

Pompeo said that going on Fox and sending tweets isn’t enough to win elections.

Similarly, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the man who ran Trump’s transition, blamed the entirety of the GOP’s losses on Trump “putting himself before everyone else.”

Another one of these folks was Nikki Haley, who seems to have changed her mind about not running if Trump runs for office once again. She used last week’s speech to announce that she’ll be running in a “serious way.”

The former president pushed on through adversity

These speeches following Trump’s campaign announcement from last week just go to show how little the former president is valued among the Republicans, despite the fact that he singlehandedly impacted this year’s midterm elections.

The folks from the Republican Party took their chance to hit Trump now that he’s still two years away from the presidential election, effectively reducing the financial support he’d had from the party up until now.

The Trump company became one big target for the massive roster of alternatives from the GOP. While he’s certain to be a big contender in the election, instead of being one of two or three, he’ll now be one of a dozen, or even more.

However, Trump has faced political adversity and overcome it numerous times. He’s been left for dead in the political sphere of things time and time again; yet he always came out on top, when things were fair and square.

In spite of his campaign being upended by his own party members, he could still win the election in two years, with the only real threat being Florida Governor DeSantis. DeSantis’ immense support won’t mean anything if he chooses not to run.

Even though Trump may no longer be receiving the massive amount of financial support he did previously, it turned out that none of the alternatives will either.

The RJC’s most sought-after contributor, Miriam Adelson, stated she won’t be getting involved with the primaries, for Trump or anyone else.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.