Trump Utterly Shocked by Hillary’s Spying, Bodes Bigger Revelations

President Trump made it clear he was truly shocked by the fresh revelations that Hillary Clinton was spying on him back in 2016-2017 to frame him as a Russian puppet.

‘Nobody Has Seen Anything’ Like It

The striking revelation that high-profile members of Clinton’s campaign infiltrated the computer servers of Trump Tower and of the Executive Office of the White House to seek materials to use against Trump was made in a court filing by DOJ Special Counsel John Durham.

President Trump himself declared Clinton committed treason, and her crime would deserve a death sentence in earlier times. According to John Ratcliffe, Trump’s former Director of National Intelligence, a lot of people can be indicted over the revelation.

On Tuesday, Trump admitted he was taken aback by the scope of the spying, but also predicted many more shocking truths are going to be revealed.

In his words, “nobody has seen anything like” the spying scandal that targeted him.

It’s ‘Just the Beginning’

Trump also disclosed that back in 2016, there were people “suspicious” that Clinton may be up to something illegal in order to hurt his chances of becoming president.

In his interview, Trump wondered who would even think something like that was even possible. He added that a crime such as Clinton’s spying wasn’t even expected to be discussed by anybody, let alone committed.

He described Clinton’s treasonous act of spying on him and the White House as not even believable and as a stage one crime, which can only be “as bad as it gets”.

The 45th president of the United States once again likened it to Watergate, the tapping scandal which, in the early 1970s, forced President Richard Nixon to resign.

Trump said that Hillary Clinton’s spying on him isn’t any different from Watergate. However, the former president made sure to note it is more modern, bigger, and happened in a much more important location.

According to the findings of Special Counsel Durham, the Clinton campaign hacked the servers of the White House Executive Office; they also hacked Trump’s Central Park West apartment, the Trump Tower, and a healthcare provider.

The court filing accuses Michael Sussman, the Clinton campaign lawyer, of pushing before the FBI and the CIA the claims about a Trump – Russia “collusion,” partly based on internet traffic from the infiltrated servers.

Durham was appointed Special Counsel back in 2019 by William Barr, the then-attorney general, in order to probe into the government’s investigation of alleged Russian interference with the 2016 election.

Durham’s findings seem to be about to disprove the conclusion of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller from 2019. This conclusion is the Trump campaign didn’t conspire with Russia in 2016, but they still used help from the Putin regime.