Trump Secretly Threatened Putin, Xi with Nukes on Russia, China If They Misbehaved

(Snapshot from DW footage)

The entire world is watching in shock and horror as heavily armed hordes of Russian leader Vladimir Putin are raping and bloodying Ukraine.

People are also wondering if Chinese leader Xi Jinping will follow suit and attack Taiwan. However, President Trump just revealed how he kept both of those superpower dictators in check.

Trump Teaches Credibility Lesson in Handling Putin

President Trump appears to have confirmed that Putin – as well as Chinese leader Xi Jinping – did indeed fear him – and Trump revealed why.

As president, Trump directly threatened Putin and Xi with hitting their capitals, Moscow and Beijing, with nuclear weapons if they misbehaved in international politics.

Speaking on the phone with John Daly, a pro-golfer, with the recording posted online, Trump explained why Putin didn’t dare to invade Ukraine on his watch.

When Trump was in office, Putin was afraid of Trump because of America’s nuclear strike capabilities.

Trump did mention Putin “was a friend of mine,” but he also disclosed he told Putin honestly and directly, “Vladimir, if you do it” – i.e. if he was to invade Ukraine, “we’re hitting Moscow”, the United States would have nuked the Russian capital.

Apparently, Trump managed to make the threat credible enough. According to Trump’s revelation, Putin believed him “like 5% or 10%,” but that was enough to make Putin avoid waging war on Ukraine.


(Snapshot from social media footage showing a downed Russian warplane in Ukraine)

Trump Kept Xi in Check, Too

In his conversation with John Daly, Trump revealed the dictator of communist China, Xi Jinping, was also afraid of him. Therefore, Xi didn’t dare to mess with America on Trump’s watch.

On Biden’s watch, Trump predicted, because of the lack of American leadership, China is likely going to take advantage of the mayhem caused by Putin with his war against Ukraine, and invade Taiwan.

“Taiwan will be next,” Trump grimly predicted, adding communist China is going to blow the democratic self-ruling island “off the face of the earth”.

In one of his latest statements, Trump declared there shouldn’t be any “war waging” by Putin against Ukraine now; the bloody war in Ukraine in the past ten days “is terrible for humanity,” Trump said.

He lambasted Biden and his leadership of NATO and the West for “failing so terribly” in preventing Putin from igniting the war.

Trump made it clear he fears Putin might get “everything he wanted,” while Ukraine and the entire world will be “suffering the consequences”.

For the time being, a vastly outgunned Ukraine is resisting valiantly. However, Putin is growing more furious because of that.

It is not inconceivable that Putin may decide to drop one or more nuclear bombs on some Ukrainian cities in order to force Kyiv’s capitulation.