Trump Would Have Sent Nuclear Subs to Beat Putin Amid Ukraine War

President Trump revealed what moves he would have made if he were in the White House during Putin’s attack against Ukraine. The steps POTUS 45 proposed are far bolder than anything Joe Biden has done so far.

Russian tyrant Putin’s troops have been wreaking havoc in Ukraine since he ordered them to invade the democratic, pro-Western nation of 45 million people, back on February 24.

Trump: US Must Do Far More Than Biden

Biden has flatly rejected appeals by Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy to have the US-led NATO alliance establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine to prevent Russian aerial bombardment.

There are reports that Sleepy Joe vetoed a move by Poland to supply Ukrainians with nearly three dozen Soviet-made MiG-29 fighter jets. These would have been of great help in the resistance against Putin’s hordes.

President Trump signaled he would have done a lot more than Biden’s timid moves.

Speaking in a live TV interview over the phone on Fox News on Monday, Trump said he would have sent US nuclear submarines to Russia’s shores.

This would make a credible threat that would deter Putin from further escalating the World War II-type violence in Ukraine.

Trump told the host of Fox News’ Varney & Co he would have approved the transfer of Polish Soviet-made fighter jets to Ukraine, but he would have done “even more” than that.

POTUS 45 declared he would send US nuclear subs going up and down Russia’s coasts in order to put pressure on Putin.

He reminded the United States has “tremendous military capability”, and can do far more than have 44-year-old communist-era fighter jets transferred to the Ukrainians.

Putin ‘Killing Far More People’ Than Reported

Trump praised Ukraine for “doing an amazing job” against Putin’s supposedly superior forces. He also argued America can do a lot more for its defenders.

Trump recalled how his administration was the one to send the Ukrainians their first shipment of US-made Javelin anti-tank missile launchers, which are now proving vastly effective in the annihilation of Russian armor.

Trump also insisted the United States should be supplying Ukraine with a lot more drones because they are effective as both attack weapons and information gatherers.

Blasting the Russian atrocities in Ukraine, Trump decomposed Putin’s manipulations and intimidation of the West.

He emphasized the Russian tyrant is acting as though the United States and the rest of the West are the bad guys; whereas in reality, Putin is “killing far more people than are being reported.”

According to Trump, casualties from Putin’s aggression in Ukraine are already in the tens of thousands, rather than just below 1,000, which is the officially confirmed figure from the highly sluggish and bureaucratic United Nations.

Besides putting far greater military pressure on Putin, Trump also declared another thing he would have done is ramp up America’s oil production and once again achieve energy independence for the United States.