Trump Destroys Biden as ‘National Disgrace’ in 2021 Review

Trump issued a review that is calling out “Biden’s Cascading Domestic Catastrophes.”

In his 2021 review, Trump accused Biden of “waging a war” against the “American middle class”, and of taking orders from far-left Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, as well as “other extremists.”

As he exposed the dreadful failures of the “Brandon administration” in vital policy areas, Trump declared Biden is fighting parents, families, faith, American values, and the very “American way of life.”

Shockingly Bleak Picture of Biden’s Failures of America

Trump delves into major policy areas, such as education, crime, energy, migration, border security, taxation, and the economy.

The picture painted by Trump’s statement is shockingly bleak. It reveals how Biden has taken less than a year in order to bring about crises in border security, illegal immigration, inflation, the supply chain, labor, and violent crime.

The new Trump statement was issued late on Wednesday night. Trump categorically declared that Sleepy Joe and “the extremists” in the Democrat Party managed to turn everything into “crisis, chaos, misery, and woe.”

He lambasted Biden for appeasing “radical left lunatics” when it comes to environmental issues, thus hurting American families and workers.

Trump then called out Biden for destroying the energy independence that Trump himself managed to achieve for the United States for the first time in many decades.

Trump reminded that Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, considered the Biden energy crisis “hilarious” in a TV interview back in November.

He also justifiably attacked Biden’s Transportation Secretary and protégé Pete Buttigieg, who figured he should go on a three-month paternity leave right in the midst of a devastating supply chain crisis, largely brought about by the Biden administration itself.

Forcing Marxism Upon America

Trump also went after Biden and his ideological stooges for forcing upon innocent American children the shocking ideologies of Marxism, wokeness, and critical race theory, as well as transgenderism.

Trump reminded Americans of how Biden weaponized the Department of Justice and the FBI in order to persecute American parents revolting against anti-American Marxism being taught to their children.

The 45th president dedicated an entire section of his statement to skyrocketing crime across the nation caused by Biden and the “radical leftists.” Trump even spoke of a “tidal wave” of both “bloodshed and chaos” happening all across America because of them.

Trump later rightfully attacked the attempts of Democrats to pass voting rights legislation on the federal level ahead of the 2022 midterms.

According to Trump, if Democrats manage to pass their “voting rights” legislation, they would legalize “ballot harvesting.” They’ll also ban voter ID requirements that Republican-run states are introducing in order to boost electoral security and prevent election fraud.

Trump reminded the American public that he left Biden “the most secure border” in the history of the nation. Biden destroyed that “deliberately” and literally invited millions of illegals from around the world.