Trump Destroys America’s Enemies in Easter Message

President Donald Trump employed particularly radical rhetoric in his 2022 message for Easter.

He destroyed a key group of America’s haters; although he simultaneously found the strength to wish them well.

Trump Lambasts Marxist ‘Maniacs’ on Easter

In two back-to-back statements issued by his Save America PAC on Easter Day, Trump went against the anti-American, extremist Marxist left, also known as “progressivism.”

Although his Easter statements were described as “bizarre” by the mainstream leftist media, he still managed to rise to the occasion. Trump sent well wishes in the spirit of Easter, even to America’s enemies.

In his first statement on Sunday, President Trump simply wished “Happy Easter to all.”

He included what he described as “the radical left maniacs” who are laboring to “destroy our country” in any way possible.

Trump wished they wouldn’t “succeed,” but still wished them happiness, good health, wealth, and well-being.

This isn’t the first time he’s done the right – and Christian – thing by wishing well, even to his enemies.

A second Easter Day message the Save America PAC released on Trump’s behalf was especially dedicated to Letitia James, the attorney general of the state of New York.

Blasting the NY AG Over ‘Crime, Death and Destruction’

Among other things, James acquired national notoriety last year by cracking down on fellow Democrat, the then-governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, with a report on his alleged numerous acts of sexual harassment.

As Cuomo hasn’t been charged with any of the alleged wrongdoings, he is now mulling a comeback attempt. There have been numerous reports that NY AG Letitia James sought to discredit him in order to clear her own way to the governor’s mansion.

Another topic that focused the nation’s attention on James is her investigation of the business dealings of the Trump Organization.

The NY AG Office is investigating the properties of the Trump family for possible tax fraud; earlier this month, she moved to hold POTUS 45 in contempt for not providing documents asked of him.

The office of Alvin Bragg , the new woke DA of Manhattan, made it clear a criminal probe into the Trump business remains ongoing. This is after Allen Weisselberg, the former CFO of the Trump Organization, faced criminal charges.

Thus, in his second Easter Day statement, President Trump greeted Letitia James with a “happy Easter,” wishing her good health.

At the same time, however, he was quick to blast her as both a “failed gubernatorial candidate” and a “racist.” Although it remained unclear what exactly Trump meant by the latter, i.e. whether he considers the NY AG an “anti-white racist,” for example.

He then lambasted James as an official who is going to keep “driving business out” of the state of New York, while “crime, death, and destruction” continues unchecked.