Trapped Rat Story Shows Putin Will Fight to the End in Ukraine and Beyond

As bloodthirsty Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s harrowing war in Ukraine is in its third week already, theories abound about what he might do next.

Tyrant Dead-ender Who Won’t Retreat

One hypothesis is the “trapped” or “cornered rat” theory – whose predictions are nothing less than chilling.

The theory is actually based on a “cornered rat” story that Putin told in a book he authored; they bode the Russian butcher of civilians and war criminal is going to fight until the very bitter end.

After many months of threatening the West, Putin dispatched his brute hordes to invade Ukraine.

What has ensued largely stunned the world: the brave Ukrainians and their valiant leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy, have fought fiercely, repeatedly denying Putin any major victory, and inflicting terrifying losses on the Russian invaders.


According to a top US analyst, Robekah Koffler, Putin is increasingly feeling like a “cornered rat.” His models of action and his views forebode his determination to fight to the end with whatever means he has at his disposal.

Putin’s Childhood Cornered Rat Story

Koffler told Fox News how Putin’s autobiography predicts he wouldn’t back out or back down as he started massacring Ukraine.

Koffler pointed out an excerpt from “First Person”, Putin’s autobiography published in 2000, in which he tells the story of how he grew up in a dilapidated apartment in then Leningrad, today’s St. Petersburg, in Russia.

He narrates how one day he chased with a stick a large rat and cornered him. Putin emphasizes once the rat figured out it was trapped, he immediately counter-attacked, forcing the future doppelganger of Adolf Hitler to flee.

Apparently, the cornered rat moment that young Putin had substantially impacted his life and philosophy. It also appears to reveal that the tyrant will always hit back fiercely if he feels as though he is getting trapped.

Koffler noted this is precisely what Putin wants the world to know.

The Russian president wants everyone to know he isn’t surrendering even when cornered: if this situation truly presents itself as per his perception, Putin would be nothing short of a suicidal dead-ender who doesn’t give in.

In another book, “Vladimir Putin: Life History”, the Russian tyrant is cited as saying from his neighborhood fights with other children in St. Petersburg, he learned a lesson.

The lesson is that one has to “assume there is no retreat”, and one always has to “fight to the finish line’, no matter what.

According to Koffler, Putin miscalculated his Ukraine invasion big time, in two major ways: by vastly minimizing the intention of the Ukrainians to fight.

Likewise, the Russian president made an error by underrating the role of technology, which is now bringing real-time images and videos of the horrors of war to people all over the world.