Transgender Teachers Brag about Terrorizing American Kids, Parents

(Social media footage snapshot shows transgenderist elementary and middle school teachers from across the US exchanging brainwashing "best practices" in a Zoom meeting on April 26)

The plague of transgenderism is gripping America’s most innocent.

In some freshly exposed cases, transgenderists are secretly targeting our nation’s children. However, in other cases, they are doing it in the parents’ faces and bragging about it.

Transgenderism on the Offense

With Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden in the White House and Democrats controlling Congress, woke progressives have become particularly emboldened in trying to impose their sickening agenda on the American people.

Transgenderism and the so-called “gender” ideology stem from the plainly idiotic notions that there is no objective reality and things can just be made up and imposed as “truths.”

In some of the most recent and utterly outrageous transgender attacks on America, Biden’s own transsexual admiral, Rachel Levine, the first “female” admiral in US history, sought to promote the “sex change” process as approved by the medical community.

However, in two notable cases, a school in Pennsylvania tried to get kids to “transition” secretly from their parents.

Then, in Arizona, a school district began bullying parents for resisting the transgender brainwashing of their children.

Fresh revelations have now shown similarly ugly developments in other locations across the United States.

Transgenderism Teaches Kids That Parents Are Evil

In a highly shocking case, staffers from elementary schools held an online meeting last month, bragging about how they forced parents to acquiesce to their usage and promotion of transgender names and pronouns for their children.

The virtual panel on “Creating and Sustaining CSAs” was held over Zoom on April 26. It showed Marxist-Communist teachers from all over America, imposing the vicious “gender ideology” on innocent American children and their parents.

The transgenderism promotion event was hosted by a second-grade teacher, Katy Butler, from the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, The Daily Mail reported.

Butler is the founder of a group called “Gender Inclusive Classrooms,” whose name leaves no doubt as to the vile transgender propaganda that it pushes.

One of the most shocking panelists is a fifth-grade teacher from Massachusetts, Kieran Slattery. Slattery delivered a lesson in “firmness” on how to defy the parents’ resistance to made-up “pronouns” and names he used to indoctrinate his students.

He viciously bragged about it, rambling on as to how it was his classroom and his students.

In another no less shocking case, Erin Lee, a mother from Colorado, revealed her daughter’s middle school created a secret GSA (Gender and Sexualities Alliance) club to indoctrinate and brainwash the children there.

The school also forbade kids from telling their parents about it. The speaker in the “club” at the Poudre School District tried to lie to the innocent middle-schoolers, saying monogamy and heterosexuality “aren’t normal.”

The speaker also told them to view their parents as enemies and that it’s okay for children to lie to them.

Lee exposed the abomination in question during an interview for New American Magazine, as cited by Fox News.

She also said she moved her daughter to a private Christian school; she is now “doing much better,” safe from these assaults.