Top Progressive Urges Biden to Push Giant Spending Bill with ‘Executive Action’


Attempts to pass “Build Back Better” have been one of the most abject failures of Biden’s presidency.

The gigantic, communist spending bill saw its price tag halved from $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion; Bernie Sanders’ original design of the bill was supposed to be a mind-blowing $6 trillion.

‘Secret’ Progressivist Plan to Ignore Congress

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia managed to stop the pork-barrel spending madness for now. That’s despite of all the harassment and terrorizing he’s been subjected to by the real-life and online “storm troopers” of the radical left.

Eventually, last week, Manchin put his foot down at Biden’s desire to extend child tax credits passed under the COVID-19 pandemic relief package; its extension is going to spike further the already skyrocketing Biden-flation.

However, progressives are now calling for Biden to use “executive action” to somehow bypass Congress and implement the provisions – and spending – of Build Back Better.

House Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal on Sunday published an op-ed with The Washington Post, urging Sleepy Joe to circumvent Congress.

In her words, Biden is supposed to demonstrate to “those hindering” Build Back Better that the Democrat Party and the White House are going to “deliver for Americans” anyway.

Apart from attacking Manchin for his principles position, in her WaPo op-ed, Jayapal vowed that her own caucus is going to “release a plan” shortly. This plan will pave the way for Biden to “act” on his own in imposing Build Back Better on the American people.


For the Needs of ‘the American People’?

The leading progressive lawmaker even sought to artificially up the ante; she claimed “this moment” is decisive for congressional Democrats and the Biden administration, so much so that it could be their “greatest success” or “greatest failure.”

Jayapal insisted “success is possible” if the Democrats “use every tool” they can think of, and if they “redouble efforts” for the sake of their “communities.”

She argued further that “the most urgent needs” of the people of the United States – meaning the “most urgent needs” of the radical left – must be kept in mind in order to find a way to impose the giant communist-style spending package upon America.

Earlier, Democrat strategist Kevin Walling wrote in an opinion article for Fox News that the administration of Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden ought to be working with the progressives in both chambers of Congress.

Walling says they should do this in order to “explore various executive actions” to build upon the Build Back Better framework.

He argued “this is possible” if only Sleepy Joe would provide “hands-on leadership” and collaborate in order to “deliver critical resources” for Americans – meaning, evidently, once again, a gigantic pork barrel spending from each of the Democrat lawmakers.