Tim Scott Suggests He May Become Trump’s Running Mate for 2024 Election

President Donald Trump is widely expected to run again for the White House in 2024.

Meanwhile, the former president has also fallen out with his former VP, Mike Pence, after Pence certified the 2020 election results.

‘Everyone Wants on Trump’s Bandwagon’

Considering this lingering war of words between Trump and Pence, it seems impossible the former might accept the latter as his running mate once again for the 2024 election.

While some Republican pundits have suggested it could or should be Ron DeSantis, a TV interview on Sunday revealed another very likely vice-presidential candidate: Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina.

Scott’s words demonstrated his willingness to run for vice president of the United States along with Trump if the latter runs again.

Answering directly the question of whether he would consider being on a potential Trump presidential ticket, Scott responded in a way that made it clear he is “without any question”.

More specifically, he declared “everybody” would like to be “on President Trump’s bandwagon”.

Scott himself has been considered as a potential contender for the 2024 GOP nomination; although, at present, the landscape is unequivocally dominated by Trump.

For the time being, POTUS 45 isn’t announcing his candidacy for the election in 2.5 years’ time because that causes campaign rules on media appearances and fundraising to kick in, thus putting Trump at a disadvantage vis-à-vis other potential candidates.

Trump is Deciding the Future of the United States of America

In his comments, Tim Scott declared Trump is “still the loudest voice”, and he is the person who will be deciding “the future” of both the Republican Party and the country.

As he hinted he is wide open to becoming Trump’s running mate, Scott was immediately targeted by the mainstream, leftist media figures, such as MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan.

Hasan just started listing some of Trump’s comments which are “politically incorrect,” according to the anti-American left. Hasan then claimed these comments “should be” repulsive to Scott because he is black, by default, regardless of whether they make sense.

Prior to Tim Scott’s TV appearance on Sunday, on Saturday, The Washington Post, one of the pillars of far-left media propaganda in America, published a ranking of the top ten bidders for the 2024 Republication presidential nomination.

Trump was, of course, ranked as No. 1, while Scott was mentioned as No. 6; Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was ranked second, followed by former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley – who has said she won’t compete if Trump formally announces his candidacy.

Former Vice President Mike Pence was ranked fifth; the list was completed by Sen. Ted Cruz as No. 7, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin as No. 8, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu as No. 9, and Trump’s ex-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as No. 10.