Thousands of US Marines Refusing Vaccines ‘Crushed Like Ants’ by Biden

Numerous US Marines who are refusing the COVID-19 vaccination mandate of the Biden administration are literally being “crushed like ants.” Thousands may soon be dismissed, and some may even be court-martialed, according to a report.

The COVID-19 vaccination mandate of the Department of Defense for all service members on active duty went into force on November 28, 2021 for the Marine Corps.

‘This is Political’

The report by Fox News cites Capt. Ryan Bruce, the Marine Corps spokesman, as saying the 9,000 Marines considered unvaccinated are about 5% of all over 180,000 active-duty members of the corps.

The Marine Corps remains the branch of the US military with the lowest vaccination rate, while the other branches have seen vaccination rates of nearing 98%.

Bruce revealed as of last week, the Marine Corps processed 3,080 out of a total of 3,192 requests for vaccination exemption based on religious grounds; that not a single one of those has been granted.

Several active-duty Marines, who spoke to Fox News on the condition of anonymity, stated they were experiencing “a political purge” by Biden.

They complained the administration is literally forcing out the best and brightest of the US military because of their belief they enjoy the protection of the First Amendment.

A Marine major with 17 years on the force declared there seems to be “something fundamentally wrong” with America’s present leadership.

Another Marine, a lieutenant colonel, who has served for more than 19 years, revealed the  Corps is dismissing service personnel as quickly as possible and “as brutally” as possible. The Biden administration is deliberately seeking to “damage” every single dissident Marine “as much” as possible.

The lieutenant colonel said he was told by a “colonel above” him that he should “tread very carefully” with his opposition to the vaccines because “this is political” and he could get “crushed like an ant.”

The lieutenant colonel then asked rhetorically why he should want to keep serving in an institution which goes out of its way to crush those who defend their faith with “reasonable points.”

Another of the quoted Marines, a master sergeant, complained the more he speaks out, the more the Marine Corps is tightening the screws against him.

Generational Damage Worse than the Vietnam War

The Marines who revealed the political purge said there seems to be a “blanket denial” of all requests for religious exemptions from getting vaccinated.

The report examined eight different letters of denial, and found all of them were almost entirely identical; all said the main reason for the denials is “military readiness.”

In one case, a Marine sergeant who applied for a religious exemption attached some 30 pages of materials in order to demonstrate the sincerity of his religious convictions.

A chief warrant officer, who also made revelations about the situation in the Marine Corps, declared what has been happening to be an “absolute travesty” and “horribly wrong” with respect to the treatment of service members with religious feelings and their protection under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

In his words, the respective authority isn’t even reading the packages provided by those applying for religious exemptions from the vaccination mandate; it is only sticking to blanket denials.

A lieutenant colonel leading a support group of some 800 service members opposing the vaccine mandate pointed out the US military is the only entity that doesn’t have a voice in this situation; it is prohibited from voicing its opposition against US leadership.

She revealed the experience of one corporal in the support group, whose friend, also a Marine, committed suicide after refusing the vaccine.

The spokesman of the Marine Corps claimed each request for a religious exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination mandate has been reviewed individually. The reviews are done by a Religious Accommodation Review board consisting of three members, plus representatives of the legal and health services.

The Marine major cited above declared his sons and cousins will choose not to sign up for Marine Corps service, precisely because of the mandate introduced by the Biden administration.

He stated the “generational damage” from the COVID vaccine mandate on the Marine Corps will be “significantly worse” than in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. This is happening ahead of a potential “World War III scenario”.