The Real Purpose of the January 6 Committee’s Witch Hunt

The January 6 committee was officially created to investigate what happened on January 6, 2021 and why.

In particular, the committee has been looking into whether President Trump or any of his staff had an active role in encouraging or planning the riots which took place on that day.

The committee is made up of Democrats and a few Republicans in Name Only (RINOs). They are willing to hype up J6 and sell out Trump for appearances on MSNBC and donor connections.

So far, however, the committee has come up with no smoking gun. So, what’s the actual point of it?

The Real Purpose of the J6 Committee

The real purpose of the J6 committee is to publicly humiliate and intimidate anyone who supported Trump or is aligned with the America First movement.

The chances of real prison time for Trump or any of his top staff are not very high, but the chances of having careers and lives ruined are high.

That’s exactly what Liz Cheney and others on the committee wish to do. They aren’t actually interested in what happened on J6 or discovering exactly why unarmed Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt was murdered climbing into the Capitol building.

They’re interested in having witnesses like staffer Cassidy Hutchinson give scary-sounding testimony about Trump going berserk and trying to manually hijack the presidential limo from his Secret Service driver.

Despite the fact this story has now been denied by the drivers who Hutchinson claims were involved, the hype from it continues to provide a nice buzz for the committee.

Like the false testimony against Brett Kavanaugh in his Supreme Court nomination hearings, the left has no qualms about having on people who are straight-up lying, as long as it sounds scary and advances their narrative.

The J6 Committee Will Help Trump

The irony of all this is the actions and publicity of this committee are going to end up helping Trump. Even leading Democratic commentators are admitting this.

Issuing subpoenas and trying to back top Trump officials into a corner is all part of the sick game the J6 committee is playing: not to deliver justice, but to play politics with our legal system.

They want to constantly harp about the need to trust election results, partly to get rid of any doubts about the upcoming midterms if Democrats don’t do as badly as many polls predict.

The committee also seeks to scare any regular folks who support Trump into staying home and desisting from their constitutional right to protest.

The J6 committee is, in no subtle way, seeking to divide the country and make the Constitution reserved only for Democrats. They want conservatives scared, feeling alone, and stuck at home watching fraud take place.