Texas Goes Nuclear on Border Crisis: Army Deployed

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott instructed state troopers and members of the National Guard to bring back migrants detained after attempting an unlawful border crossing.

The statement comes after reports that over the Fourth of July weekend, some 5,000 migrants were detained in Texas.

What’s Going On?

Governor Abbott stated, “I have given the go-ahead for the Texas National Guard and Texas Department of Public Security to start bringing back illegal aliens to the border to put an end to this crime business harming our neighborhoods.”

“Texas will continue to take measures to solve the issues generated by the Biden administration as the problems on the boundary continue to escalate.”

The Texas Military Police and Texas Institute of Public Safety are to “apprehend illegal aliens who unlawfully cross a border beyond entry points and return them to the border,” according to an executive order issued by Governor Abbott on Thursday.

Abbott also stated Biden fails to do his duty and implement the immigration rules set by Congress.

Biden’s border policies have “encouraged and funded the cartels, bringing in record amounts of people, guns, and lethal narcotics like fentanyl.”

Following Kinney County’s claim that the bordering county is “getting invaded,” Abbott issued his order.

“We will no longer let the authority of Texas be violated by individuals unwilling to respect our laws,” Kinney Superior Court Judge Tully Shahan declared.

He and representatives from a number of other bordering and non-border counties urged the governor to adopt more measures that, in their opinion, are permitted under the Texas and U.S. founding documents.

Tully’s continued in his announcement, “We are taking these efforts in the hopes of pushing our governor to recognize an incursion on our border and take the required acts to safeguard and protect the territorial integrity of Texas”

Constitutional Rights

The official went on to say, “As mentioned in the executive order, the Biden government “has forgotten the vow, in Article IV, 4 of the U.S. Constitution, that “the United States shall safeguard each state in this union against incursion.”

“This compelled the State of Texas to build a big wall, deploy government military forces, and make an agreement as explained in Article I, 10 of the U.S. Constitution to safeguard the nation.”

Del Rio Area Border Patrol agents detained roughly 5,000 migrants over the course of the Independence Day weekend as American families congregated to enjoy the holiday.

1,000 more evaded capture.

Jason D. Owens, the senior patrol agent for the Del Rio Sector, posted a video summary of his agents’ weekend operations. 4,946 migrants were detained by Del Rio Sector agents over the long Fourth of July holiday.

922 more immigrants were categorized as runaways.

The term “got-aways” refers to migrants who are noticed by agents or electronic monitoring, but not captured.