Texas Attracting More Businesses to the State

For business owners across the country, the past two years have presented a series of challenges that have never been seen before. First, people were forced to close down their establishments altogether.

Then, once the reopening process happened, capacity limits were put in place. For so many businesses, this severely impacted their ability to make money and bounce back from the periods of time they were shut down.

With 2021 coming to a close, the new issue facing businesses has been COVID vaccine mandates, courtesy of Joe Biden himself. Both the 5th and 6th Circuit Courts have stepped in, blocking the president’s vaccine mandates.

However, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott says his state is seeing a massive influx of businesses coming in, as Newsmax reports.

Doing Business in the State of Texas

On Sunday, Governor Abbott spoke with Fox News about the increasing number of businesses choosing to relocate to the Lone Star State. According to the governor, the action the state has taken to prohibit medical mandates infringing upon individual rights is a huge factor.

Abbott explained since January 2021, 70 different corporations and businesses have moved their headquarters to the Lone Star State. Additionally, the Texas governor also pointed out that as more businesses come, the state’s economy continues to prosper.

Shortly thereafter, Abbott informed Fox News that Texas is, in fact, a state of opportunity and immense innovation. Before the segment concluded, the Texas governor noted how Republicans have been scoring one victory after the other against Biden’s vaccine mandates in court.

Quite some time ago, the Texas governor also passed an executive order, declaring no one in the state can be compelled to take a COVID vaccine.

A Sign of the Times to Come?

A few days ago, Cato Institute released a very interesting report that compared the levels of freedom in red states vs. blue states.

As it turns out, eight of ten of the states that were determined to have the most freedom were run by GOP governors. Meanwhile, eight in ten of the states which have the least freedom also had Democrat governors.

In witnessing the different directions Republicans and Democrats are taking their states, it’s no wonder Texas is becoming one of the most popular states to do business. Furthermore, as business owners have been put through a lot over the last two years, they don’t need even more hoops to jump through.

If current patterns persist, more and more businesses will be leaving blue states (such as California) and setting up shop in Texas. Policies like low taxes, minimal regulations, and no medical mandates appear to be resonating with entrepreneurs in America.

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