Texas Attorney General is Calling For Biden to Make an Apology

Months ago, images leaked of Border Patrol agents on horseback and within the vicinity of Haitian migrants on the southern border. Because the agents were holding reins, they were quickly accused of “whipping” Haitians.

Even before a full investigation began, Biden and his team immediately condemned and vowed to penalize Border Patrol agents.

Later, it came out that these officials weren’t, in fact, whipping migrants, but were actually using the reins to steady the horses they were riding.

Yet, in the months since this revelation came to light, the president hasn’t walked back his initial condemnations of Border Patrol agents.

Now, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is calling for Biden to correct his false claims with an apology, documents Newsmax.

A Stern Message From Paxton to Biden

The attorney general of Texas made clear that time has shown the president was wrong when he blamed Border Patrol agents for something they simply didn’t do. It’s from here that Paxton said the president should deliver an apology.

In additional remarks on the matter, the Texas official claimed that Biden’s gripe with border agents has always been political, something which spilled into the president’s rhetoric about these workers.

Later, Paxton stressed how the women and men working on the southern border are dedicating their lives to America’s defense, yet taking heat from the current administration.

The Texas attorney general finally stated that Border Patrol agents ought to be given rewards, rather than penalties, from the federal government.

Paxton has consistently clashed with the current White House on a series of issues, many of them dealing with the management of the southern border.

No Word From the Biden Administration Thus Far

The attorney general of Texas isn’t alone in his view that Biden needs to apologize. The commissioner of Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has echoed comparable sentiments as well.

It’s been pointed out that despite assertions from the president, this is nothing to show that any agents whipped migrants or even threatened them with the reins used to control horses.

At this time, the White House hasn’t given any response to the calls from Paxton or CBP. Then again, since his time as president, Biden hasn’t exactly established a pattern of apologizing when he makes missteps.

Instead, the president and his administration have tendencies to either pass blame elsewhere or insist that no problem exists, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Judging from the White House’s radio silence on the issue of Border Patrol agents and previous denunciations against this, it’s safe to say the president will keep his current streak going.

Do you believe the president should apologize for spreading what’s now been proven as false information about US border agents? Drop your thoughts about this controversy in the comments section.