Ten Horrid Blunders Biden Made in Afghanistan

The loss of the 20-year-long war on terror in Afghanistan (along with the squandering of all the progress made on the ground, lives of US troops killed in action, and billions and billions of US taxpayer dollars lost) is just unfathomable.

It is the worst foreign policy and international security defeat America suffered since the Vietnam War. Following is a list of the ten main blunders that Biden is responsible for.

  1. Losing by Abandoning Completely the Gains in a 20-year-long War Effort

Biden decided it would be a great idea to pull out of Afghanistan without leaving any troops as a symbol of America’s commitment to gains made against Islamist terrorism.

Two top generals testified before Congress that they advised Biden to keep 2,500 US troops in Afghanistan to prevent the collapse and loss of the war that occurred, due to his rash pullout decision.

  1. Surrendering to Ragtag Islamist Terrorists

The 46th president thought it was a good idea to surrender by leaving Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban, the same radical Islamist group which aided and abetted al-Qaeda so the latter could commit 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States.

That’s not even mentioning the greatest military power the world has ever known caved before some 70,000 to 80,000 badly armed, ragtag shepherd fighters.

  1. Causing the Collapse of the Afghan Military, Afghan Government

Biden’s pullout was executed so rashly and inadequately that it caused the total collapse of the Afghan military and the democratic Afghan government.

How Biden figured that such a clearly fragile country ripped by tribalism and Islamism could survive without US commitment on the ground is simply inexplicable.

  1. Bestowing Upon the Taliban $86 Billion Worth of Top-notch American Weapons

The Taliban terrorists are one of the few powers in history to ever practically win a war against the United States of America, but they also got really, really lavish spoils from it.

Various estimates pointed out the Taliban have managed to seize some $86 billion worth of US-made armaments and military equipment…both from the Afghan security forces and from what was abandoned by the US military during the pullout.

As a result, the Taliban terrorists now have conventional military forces, which are better equipped than many of America’s allies in NATO.

  1. Totally Humiliating America with the Botched ‘Evacuation’ from Kabul

The world got to see the abandonment of the Afghan government and America’s practical political defeat by the Taliban Islamists.

The world also got to see America fleeing. Kabul Joe didn’t care to think, “Hey, maybe we should get out American fighters before removing the US military!” No, sir! He never exhibited that kind of political ingenuity.

As a result, he had to send the military back in to execute a disgrace flight through an airlift, while also relying on collaborating with Taliban terrorists to let him execute that in peace.

  1. Failing to Coordinate with America’s Allies

This isn’t just about America’s Afghan allies.

This is about the NATO member countries who went into Afghanistan, precisely because of their alliance with the United States, to share the burden of rescuing the country raped by radical Islam.

How did Joe Biden thank them? By completely failing to coordinate or at least consult them about his horrendous pullout. That might be because chances are at least of our allies’ leaders would have been more competent than him, and might have stopped him.

  1. Getting 13 US Troops, 170 Afghan Civilians Killed by ISIS Suicide Bomber

The 6,000 American troops that Biden sent back in to secure the escape were sitting ducks.

The Taliban extremists showed goodwill and allowed the bizarre evacuation. However, ISIS (the Islamic State), an even more radical Islamist sect, made no such commitment.

It managed to send just one suicide bomber, but that was enough for the needless murder of 13 US troops and 170 Afghans.

  1. Leaving Thousands of Americans Behind

The Biden administration left behind in Afghanistan hundreds, if not thousands, of American citizens.

Many of those citizens had to be evacuated by private actors in the months since August in totally bizarre ways; some are still stranded in the Central Asian country under the rule of the Taliban.

  1. Evacuating 100,000 Afghans, with Only 3% Being Eligible

Of the 100,000 Afghans Biden brought to US soil – supposedly because they were US allies in the past 20 years – only 3% were actually eligible for that through a Special Immigration Visa (SIV).

That was because the “evacuation” was absolutely chaotic; those who are ineligible got on the planes, and those eligible didn’t.

That isn’t a problem for the Democrats, however. They are clearly promoting the resettlement of third-world people into the United States as a way of boosting their future electorate.

  1. Leaving Fertile Ground for al-Qaeda, ISIS to Rebuild and Attack America

The Taliban are back in control; they will now eagerly allow al-Qaeda, the perpetrator of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, to rebuild and prepare new attacks against America, as will the even more radical ISIS.

It is dreadful, but it is very hard to believe that al-Qaeda and ISIS won’t take advantage of the safe haven given to them by Biden in Afghanistan to attack us and kill as many Americans as they can.