Study Shows Extreme Gun Control May Increase the Crime Rate

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After years of listening to Democrats push tighter gun control as the solution to all of America’s problems, a study finally shut them up.

Although it’s only a matter of time until they begin opposing factual information as well.

We’ve seen a number of mass shootings during Biden’s presidency. It’s precisely what caused such loud demand for additional gun control.

However, with recently compiled data coming straight from the FBI, we might just be on the brink of confirming the libs were wrong from the start.

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Gun control advocates just can’t handle the truth

The compiled information dates back to 2019. It distinguishes household gun ownership in each state and correlates that number with murders and firearm murders per 100k population.

When compiling data from these studies, Fox also added Rand Corporation’s research from 2020. This presented the exact percentage of US households that owned a minimum of one firearm over the course of four years prior to the study’s release.

What’s important to note is the revealed data in no way reflects the violent crime spike of 2020. It even undercounts the percentage of homes with at least one firearm, due to the massive influx of Americans rushing to buy one in 2020.

In fact, the study showed states with a higher gun owner population either had similar or lower violent crime rates than their stricter gun law counterparts.

California? High murder rates? It can’t be!

A good example of this is Montana, where nearly 67% of households owned at least one firearm, whereas Massachusetts and New Jersey were tied at 14.7%.

However, Montana only recorded 2.5 murders per 100k population, compared to Massachusetts where the number barely dropped to 2.12 murders per the same amount.

California, the Golden State, is among the worst performers on the list. Only 28.3% of households owned a gun legally, but there were three murders per 100k population during the same year of 2019.

Other states like Maryland had it much worse, with 30% of households owning a firearm amounting to seven murders per 100k citizens.

Naturally, there’s an avalanche of other factors that go into high crime rates. Yet, the revealed data is enough to at least confirm that high gun ownership percentages don’t necessarily equate to high murder rates in the state.

President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, John Lott, explained it in the simplest way possible.

He stated gun control only takes a portion of firearms away from criminals, while also disarming law-abiding citizens.

This is inadvertently making crimes that much easier to commit for those who weren’t going to obey the ban, to begin with.

In fact, Lott added that a lot of the places across the globe where guns or handguns were banned experienced an immediate spike in murder and homicide rates.