Strong Majority of Democrats Want Biden to Sit Out 2024

Joe Biden is very quickly falling out of favor with his own base. In a nutshell, the president is failing to deliver as Democrats expected him to.

Between this, Biden’s old age, and his repeated gaffes while speaking, Democrats are looking to get a replacement installed in the president’s position for the 2024 election.

The White House, meanwhile, is starting to get snippy with in-party censure. Recently, it released a statement claiming that Biden wasn’t focused on appeasing folks who aren’t within the Democrat Party’s mainstream.

Yet, with comments like this, the White House is missing the point. In fact, a vast majority of Democrats don’t even want Biden to run in 2024, as reported by The Hill.

Bad News For Biden

At this time, the majority of Independents and Republicans alike do not approve of the current president. Now, his own base seems to be following suit.

In a survey by New York Times-Siena College, a whopping 64% of Democrats confirmed they’d like a new contender in the upcoming presidential election. Just 26% claimed they’d back Biden to stay on as the Democratic nominee in 2024.

Job performance (32%) and Biden’s age (33%) are the top reasons cited by Democrats who don’t want him to stay as the nominee in the 2024 race. Other Democrats claimed the current president isn’t progressive enough to their liking.

These numbers are devastating for a president who is not even halfway finished with his current term. This new survey also begs to question what Biden’s approval ratings will look like by the time 2023 and 2024 arrive.

Already, the president’s been polled at a stunningly low 29% approval rating. That’s compounded by him being underwater in approval surveys in almost every single state.

No Way Forward?

When Biden first got into office, he had the strong backing of his own party, along with moderate support from Independents.

With only 19% of Independents approving of Biden and the majority of Democrats wanting him to sit out 2024, the president’s path forward is questionable, at best.

The White House team has not been helpful in this matter, either. They continue to tell Americans the country is doing well, even when the precise opposite is true.

Crime, rising prices, supply chain delays, etc. are causing severe hardships in the lives of everyday Americans. The president who ran on “building back better” has yet to get ahold of these issues or provide meaningful relief.

If Biden does choose to proceed with his plans to seek the White House again in 2024, he will be extremely hard-pressed to find any real, concrete support.

What do you think about the majority of Democrats opposing a Biden 2024 run? In the comments area, let us know if you think this poll will make the president reconsider his plans to seek reelection.