Stewardess Wins Big After Being Fired Over Politics

Amid all the chaos and drama going on now in America and the world, it’s important to remember that there is still good news.

This story comes out of Texas, where a woman named Charlene Carter recently won a massive victory against Southwest Airlines.

Carter, who used to be a stewardess aboard Southwest, was fired from her job in 2017 after she sent an angry e-mail to the head of her union expressing her political views.

Now, five years later, Carter has finally achieved justice.

Judge Rules Carter Was Fired Over Her Religious Views

Carter is Christian and opposes abortion.

She wrote an email to the head of her union in 2017, calling it “despicable” that dues payers’ union money was being used to fund a trip by 12 flight attendants to the Women’s March in Washington, DC.

The so-called Women’s March was an anti-Trump rally that ended up featuring a lot of pro-abortion and anti-conservative rhetoric and slogans.

Many of the participants forcefully and angrily expressed their support for on-demand abortion, their hatred of men, and their dislike of Trump and the conservative movement more broadly.

Carter was not OK with her money as a dues payer being used to speak out in support of abortion, which she opposes. She told her boss about this in an emotional e-mail and was subsequently fired.

Now, five years later she has won $5.3 million in damages after a Texas judge ruled she was unfairly dismissed.

This judgment comprises $4.15 million which must be paid out by Southwest itself and $1.15 which must be paid out by her union, the Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 556.

Carter’s Huge Win

The judge ruled that Carter was simply fairly expressing her strongly-held, religiously-based views, which is a protected right in this nation.

TWU Local 556 head Audrey Stone may not have liked being called out by Carter for going to the Women’s March and using member money to fund a trip for a dozen stewardesses.

However, she had no right to fire Carter over it. It’s also quite strange to understand why Stone would have been funding a trip to the march in the first place.

It was well known right away that the Women’s March was a politicized and emotionally charged event which centered around hatred of Trump and conservatives.

All the union had to do to stay out of this was not attend and not push to have someone fired from Southwest for expressing her view of it.

This really isn’t that complicated, but this union and Southwest apparently couldn’t wrap their heads around it at the time. Now, they’re going to pay out big for their mistake.

The Bottom Line

Woke corporations and unions are going to have to start watching their back a little more carefully. If you try to trample on Americans’ rights, you’re going to start losing a lot of money.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.