Stacey Abrams Announces Run for Georgia Governor

The past almost two years have shown just how much it matters whether a Republican or Democrat sits in a state’s governor’s mansion. COVID and various responses to it have exacerbated the massive divides existing between the left and the right today.

Most Republican governors have chosen to employ balanced measures of taking on this virus without completely stomping over people’s rights to live and make their own choices. Democrat governors, meanwhile, have taken the polar opposite approach; yet, many blue states still struggle with the virus.

In 2022, the United States will have a series of gubernatorial elections taking place. These races will determine in large part the direction of the country. In the case of Georgia, Democrat Stacey Abrams is already taking another run at becoming governor, as Breitbart News confirms.

What to Know About Abrams’ Latest Run to be Governor

In 2018, Abrams ran in Georgia’s gubernatorial election, yet lost to current Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp. With Kemp up for re-election next year, Abrams is now deciding to once again throw her hat into the ring.

Abrams announced her candidacy for the Georgia governorship on Wednesday. In a video on Twitter, Abrams stated she’s running because she wants Georgia to be a state of “opportunity.”

Since losing the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election, Abrams has been hard at work to strengthen the Democrat Party across the United States. She even campaigned for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial election; although, McAuliffe still lost to Glenn Youngkin.

Abrams’ run to become the next governor of Georgia arises after the state went into Biden’s column in 2020 and then handed the Senate to Democrats during the January 2021 runoffs. It appears as though Abrams hopes this is foreshadowing of her being able to flip the governor’s mansion blue as well.

Reaction from Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

Amid news of Abrams entering into the Georgia gubernatorial election, the current governor of the Peach State did not hesitate to weigh in. Kemp noted on Twitter that Abrams continues to stand for destructive policies like shutdowns, gun grabs, defunding law enforcement, and more.

Kemp also noted the Georgia gubernatorial race will ultimately be a fight for the state’s soul altogether. Kemp then concluded his comments by mentioning his determination to fight back against Stacey Abrams and the destructive Biden agenda coming from the White House.

This is an agenda Abrams would undoubtedly support if she were to get into the governor’s mansion in Georgia. Residents of the Peach State will now have to determine whether or not Abrams’ leadership is what they want for their state.

What do you think about Stacey Abrams making yet another run to become the governor of the state of Georgia?