Soros-endorsed Female DA Found Guilty of Domestic Violence

"George Soros" by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

Flossmoor Police reported that George Soros-funded DA, Kim Foxx, allegedly physically assaulted her husband during a verbal altercation, with the entire argument spiraling out of control after a Facebook post had been brought up.

The police department has yet to provide bodycam footage from the incident.

However, the report claims Foxx’s husband, Kelley Fox, was forced to dial 911 after not being allowed to leave the bathroom.

“Kim Foxx Election Night Victory Party 2016” by Daniel X. O’Neil

Domestic violence goes both ways

He claims she cornered him, grabbed his shirt collar, and smashed his video game controller, which had been on the table at the time.

After this, Foxx is said to have struck her husband across the face with her bare hand.

While it’s definitely uncommon for the male party to be the victim of domestic violence, it still happens more often than one would think.

Aside from causing distress, it puts the male in a position where any form of retaliation would be equivalent to him digging his own grave.

Despite the dispute’s violent outcome, there haven’t been any serious injuries. Foxx’s husband was unharmed, exhibiting only slight bruising on the spot where she’d slapped him.

However, the police officer wasn’t as cooperative as he should’ve been.

The officer brushed off Kelley’s claims, leaving him in shock, after which the husband protested the fact his wife invaded his personal space and physically assaulted him with next to no repercussions.

Soros’ shady investments and donation funds

This isn’t the first incident where a Soros-endorsed district attorney sinks in the eyes of the general public.

We’ve recently seen San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin be removed from his position for his ineffectiveness in bringing down the city’s violent crime rate.

Although Foxx isn’t likely to get punished, even if the case goes to a trial, she’s slated to fall in the eyes of the general public.

Considering who endorsed her appointment to the position, some would say she was already corrupt from the get-go. Soros isn’t a favorite among Americans, especially the right-leaning crowd.

He’s one of the driving forces behind America’s more “woke” policies in recent history, as well as the man who’s infamous for spending his fund’s money to peddle his own ideologies.

George Soros is currently one of the main supporters of the Democrat Party. He’s creating a giant $125 million fund that will aim to help Democrat groups and candidates through 2022 and following elections.

The group in question, Democracy PAC, has served its purpose to Soros ever since 2019; he’s already funneled over $80 million through it to various groups and candidates for the 2020 election.

Despite all this, the left still wants us to believe the election hadn’t been tampered with.

He even appointed his son, Alexander Soros, a history major, to run the PAC, which will “fight any and all efforts at undermining the US electoral process,” almost as if they hadn’t done the exact same thing two years ago.