Sleepy Joe Pressed for Cognitive Test as His ‘Mental Decline’ Continues

Biden is being pressured to undergo a full-fledged test of his cognitive abilities. This comes after dozens of Republican lawmakers sent him a letter, emphasizing that his “mental decline” is becoming more and more apparent.

Serious public concerns and questions abounded about Sleepy Joe’s cognitive health since before he occupied the White House. This is due to his frequent gaffes, slurred speech, and disoriented, inadequate behavior in public.

Meanwhile, his caretakers at the White House have been seeking to limit unsupervised exposure to reporters.

‘Mental Decline and Forgetfulness’

This past November, after turning 79, Joe Biden underwent a full physical examination and was declared healthy by his doctor; however, the exam in question doesn’t seem to have included his cognitive abilities.

A group of 38 Republican lawmakers directly pressed Biden to take a cognitive test. The group is led by Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas, who was a White House physician for Presidents Obama and Trump.

In the open letter released on Tuesday, the 38 Republicans are insisting Biden should follow the example set by President Trump who took a cognitive test while in office.

Their push for a check on Biden’s “mental decline” comes against the backdrop of opinion polls showing a growing number of Americans are worried about if Sleepy Joe is mentally fit to be in office.

Rep. Ronny Jackson himself told Fox News he and his colleagues are asking Biden to undergo a “formal cognitive screening exam.”

Jackson stressed that as a former physician of the White House, he is well aware of what it takes for a president to mentally and physically perform the respective duties.

Jackson added that Biden has been demonstrating “something isn’t right” with his cognitive and mental conditions. Then, he added if Biden took a cognitive test, that would be an “important first step” towards showing his fitness to lead.

Trump Set a Precedent by Taking the Test

Jackson maintains asking a president to take a cognitive test is no “partisan issue,” reminding that Trump took a test to assure the American public of his mental fitness.

Jackson further wondered why Biden is unwilling to do the same thing. He stressed that if Biden doesn’t do it, it would be a double standard since Democrats insisted on Trump taking a cognitive test.

Biden’s refusal to follow suit would also mean Americans have to assume the worst about his cognitive condition.

In their letter to Biden, the 38 GOP lawmakers demand that all presidents submit to the same standard as President Trump in order to show their mental abilities are “sound”.

The Republican lawmakers further pointed out Biden’s slip-ups and stumbling over the past two years, which have shown his mental decline and forgetfulness are becoming increasingly apparent.