Sleepy Joe, Kamala Hilariously Ridiculed by Saudi Arabia ‘SNL’ Show

The countless gaffes and overall inadequacy of President Joe Biden and his equally blunder-prone veep, Kamala Harris, have been totally embarrassing enough to watch for Americans.

However, the rest of humanity is also witnessing these blunders. This takes Biden’s and Kamala’s obvious flaws from embarrassing to shameful.

Saudis Now Mocking Us

Biden and Harris have taken a new mockery hit, and it comes out of Saudi Arabia.

Now, Saudi Arabia, the long-time US ally and oil supplier, is not exactly a very cheerful place. This is due to its theological Islamist tyranny and the blatant treatment of women as lesser human beings than men.

However, the way the Saudis just ridiculed Sleepy Joe and Kamala offers a glimpse into how the rest of the world sees the dysfunctional Democrat duo.

Earlier this week, Biden, whose ratings are plummeting, got pooped on by a bird in a “huge barn” in Iowa.

The Saudi Arabia skit in question portrays Sleepy Joe as precisely that, a forgetful, sleepy old man who is totally out of it. Kamala Harris is portrayed as just around to prop him up and drag him around.

The hilarious skit comes out of Studio 22, a Saudi comedy show similar to Saturday Night Live. In it, Kamala Harris, who is the first female vice president of the United States, is actually portrayed by a man in drag.

In the skit, which is a little over a minute long, the actors speak in English and their words are translated in Arabic subtitles.

The skit actually shows Harris as more of a Sleepy Joe prop-up than an endless source of gaffes and blunders in her own right.

Thus, the Saudi version of Kamala first guides the Saudi version of Biden to a podium and then keeps helping him when loses his train of thought.

Sleepy Joe Really Falls Asleep

In the skit, Sleepy Joe keeps falling asleep at the mic and forgetting what he is supposed to say.

At first, the fake Biden comes in together with Harris, does some pointing to the left and right, amid the sound of photographs being taken, and then just wanders off to the side.

A rough-looking Kamala quickly runs off, brings him back, and takes him to the podium in the back, upon which he says he is going to be talking about “the crisis in Spain.”

The fictional Harris corrects him whispering in his ear, twice, so Sleepy Joe first corrects himself to “Africa”, and finally gets it right to “Russia”. He then forgets the name of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Once Kamala helps him with that, Biden says he has a “very important message” to share. At this point, he abruptly falls asleep.

Kamala elbows him, he wakes up, and starts talking again, but it is about the president of China.

She corrects him again; he thanks her and calls her “First Lady”, a gaffe the real Biden has made a few times in real life.

In the same edition of the Saudi SNP-type show Studio 22, there was another skit which showed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arguing over who would take in a female Ukrainian refugee.