‘Sexy Nurse’ Models Serve as Cheerleaders for Putin’s Bloody Invasion of Ukraine

(east2west news Telegram channel)

In a twisted development in Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, the murderous Russian dictator dispatched a group of models dressed as “sexy nurses” to “lift up” spirits of the doomed Russian soldiers and promote the war.

Russian Models Come to Invasion’s Aid

The Moscow regime deployed a group of pretty young women in sexualized outfits to advocate in favor of the war from Russian invaders who have committed unspeakable war crimes, acts of genocide, and other crimes against humanity.

That’s not even mentioning the constant aerial bombardment and missile strikes against civilian targets, such as homes, schools, and hospitals carried out by Russian invaders on a daily basis.

A no less harrowing crime is the literal abduction of Ukrainians from Mariupol and other places in Southern Ukraine.

They are being sent to labor camps in Russia. In those cases, many Ukrainian children are forcibly seized from their parents and sent to Russian orphanages in order to be brainwashed to forget their nationality and families.

The cases of war crimes being investigated by the government of Ukraine are nearly 9,000 already. That includes the killing of nearly 300 Ukrainian children, with another nearly 600 injured, some of them severely.

(east2west news Telegram channel)
(east2west news Telegram channel)

Cheerleaders for Massacres and Gang Rapes

About a dozen young Russian female models, social media celebrities, and “influencers” have come together to promote and boost troop morale. They even formed a group called “Sisters for Victory”, The Daily Mail reported.

The young women in question are de facto cheerleaders for a devastating war that has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of women and children, both female and male, get raped or gang-raped by Russian brutes.

The uniforms of the “sexy,” pro-murder nurses boast the “Z” letter. This has been the sign chosen by the Russians for their “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Social media publications said some of the atrocity cheerleaders in question are girlfriends or wives of Russian troops murdering the people of Ukraine.

Among the war nurse models is a woman named Alyona Boyko, whose pages on Instagram and TikTok boast 30,000-plus followers.

She even sent propaganda messages to Russian soldiers encouraging them “not to give up” and saying “hard times will pass” and “all will be fine.”

Another is 20-year-old Anastasia Migal, a highly “accomplished” individual who is both a champion discus thrower, shot-putter, and a trainee lawyer finishing a degree at a university of Russia’s Interior Ministry.

She boasted in her pro-war posts that she gained 70 diplomas and 54 medals in six years and has “victories ahead” of her.

The forming of the “Sisters for Victory” group of scantily-clad Russian models to support the massacres of Ukrainians is hardly surprising.

One phone call intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence revealed a Russian soldier’s wife is encouraging him to rape Ukrainian women.