Senile Old Joe Warns of Some “Minor” Setbacks in the Economy

During his latest speech at the White House, President Joe Biden issued a statement about the current state of the economy, claiming things are bound to get much worse before they get better, something we were already aware of.

He said it’ll take time to get inflation back to “normal” levels, accepting the notion that his Inflation Reduction Act will be completely ineffective, as was initially announced by the top economic analysts in the country.

Biden finally embraces the fact our economy is going down the drain

Despite current data about the inflation rates from the past month, Joe decided to wing it and make the ridiculous claim that grocery store prices were “down slightly.” This is categorically untrue, seeing as the average cost of food is currently up 12.4% year-to-year.

In the video supposedly filmed at the White House, Joe met with several business leaders from the US to talk about the current state of affairs in the country, giving us a grand total of seven minutes of lie after lie before the press left the room.

According to him, the economic growth is up 2.6% with unemployment rates plummeting. This would technically feed into his narrative of his policies being somewhat successful in salvaging the economy.

Unfortunately, both of these claims are nowhere near their actual number. It just goes to show how far Biden is willing to go to portray his term as one that was beneficial to this country and its people.

Biden still fails to address important issues with the economy

In the speech he delivered in the obviously fabricated video, Biden urged his “fellow” Americans to stay patient and wait for his policies to go into effect, which is likely going to take longer than he will actually remain in office.

One of his plans also includes a tax credit for senior citizens, including a plan that would replace the windows and doors in their homes, as well as install solar panels on their roofs and replace their current heating systems, which may be faulty after years of use.

Biden stated all of these upcoming changes will ultimately be beneficial for the environment, and in due time, for their wallets as well.

Although if we look at his latest attempts at lightening the load on the average American’s wallet, there’s not much hope for this plan either.

Thankfully, the GOP is more than likely to get the US back on track, at least in terms of economic power. The changes they’ve proposed so far are bound to be more effective than the left’s woke-oriented policies regarding the economy.

With 2024 right around the corner, Biden is more than likely to be leaving the White House in two years, especially now that both Trump and DeSantis are likely candidates in the presidential election that year.

The Trump-era policies that are still in effect are a testament to this. They’re the one thing keeping the US economy from collapsing like a house of cards; if Biden remains in power for another term, disaster is inevitable.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.