Secret Service Agent Sent Back to US After Assaulting a Woman Overseas

A Secret Service agent brought international embarrassment to the United States by physically assaulting a woman in Israel. The agent was sent back to America after being questioned by the police.

Secret Service Agent’s Physical Encounter With Israeli Woman

According to the statement released by the Secret Service, one of its agents working in Israel had a physical encounter with a woman.

Following the unfortunate episode, he was detained and interrogated by the Israeli police. Eventually, the agent was released without any charges.

As the employee returns to the United States, he can no longer access the Secret Service systems until the end of investigations, the agency noted.

While the Secret Service told the New York Post the agent was involved in a physical encounter, the agency added this assault was not sexual in nature. 

The agency has not released any further details of the incident.

Whereas according to CBS News, four men aware of the altercation noted that a male off-duty agent was in a Jerusalem bar with other agents on Monday.

Reportedly, the agent had an argument with a woman at the bar, which led him to push the woman. Although the lady was not injured, she called the Israeli police to register her complaint.

As the police detained the agent, the US embassy in Israel was informed about the incident, which later contacted the Secret Service, CBS News added.

Two people familiar with the matter told CBS that the agent was under the influence of alcohol. Another person familiar with the internal investigations told the media outlet the agency is investigating the involvement of alcohol in the incident.

CNN reported the troubling employee was working in the Secret Service’s Counter Assault Team.

Anthony Guglielmi, the Secret Service spokesperson, noted the agency holds all of its employees accountable, according to the “highest professional standards,” which is the reason behind the excellence of the department.

Secret Service Has a Controversial History Overseas

The incident occurred ahead of Biden’s visit to the Middle East, where he is scheduled to visit Israel, the West Bank, and Saudi Arabia.

While the trip was already a controversial one, as Biden will meet with prominent human rights violators, including Saudi Arabia’s leadership, the Secret Service agent made the trip even more controversial.

This is not the first time the Biden administration had to send a Secret Service agent back to the US from an international trip.

In May, two employees of the agency were sent back from South Korea after their confrontation with a local taxi driver and two Koreans. This happened ahead of Biden’s first visit to Asia since assuming the presidency last year.

Similarly, four Secret Service agents were sent on leave when they were deceived by two men faking to be Homeland Security officers in April.