Secret Report: Putin’s Army in Ukraine May ‘Collapse’

(Social media footage snapshot via UAW on Twitter shows Ukrainian troops firing a rare T-84 tank)

The Russian military may be about to collapse.

This is because of the staggering losses it has endured at the hands of the Ukrainians, according to a leaked secret British government report.

Putin’s Cannon Fodder Being Rapidly Expended

Nearly 100 days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin dispatched about 200,000 soldiers to conquer Ukraine.

Moscow’s blitzkrieg was supposed to scare the Ukrainians into capitulating. Although, instead, they have been resisting ferociously, defending both their freedom and dignity, along with the entire Free World.

Ukraine managed to resist and keep fighting off the Russians, largely thanks to the American and other western supplies of weapons.

Unfortunately, those have been very uneven, as demonstrated by the latest decision of “Kabul Joe” to kowtow to the latest threats from Moscow.

Biden is now refusing to supply Ukrainians with missile systems they urgently need and seem to have been promised by the US government.

In any case, Russians have sustained stupefying losses, especially against the backdrop of their propaganda’s constant, decades-long ranting about the “invincibility” of the Russian soldier.

At least 30,500 of those “invincible” soldiers have already been killed in combat, as per the latest estimate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. The true figure may be higher than 35,000.

(Social media footage snapshot via UAW on Twitter shows Ukrainian volunteer “territorial defense” units)

‘They Are So Depleted’

According to the confidential British government report on the war in Ukraine, the losses of the Russian military may already be so great that its units end up becoming non-operational. From this point, non-operational units would start to collapse.

The secret UK government analysis of the Russian invasion, seen and cited by British newspaper The Mirror, reveals Putin himself considers the harrowing losses a “price worth paying” for claiming victory.

Putin’s preparedness to sacrifice the lives of the Russian troops and as much hardware as needed may end up not mattering at all.

The losses may prove to be too great for his embattled military to sustain. Not to mention Russian fighting morale is considered to be very low, certainly far lower than that of the Ukrainians.

The secret British document also alleges that top-ranking Russian officials have been trying to persuade Putin his war of conquest against Ukraine “has been a disaster,” but to no avail.

Another vital conclusion from the report is the bloodthirsty tyrant and his stooges managed, to a great extent, to hide from the Russian society the true scope of their defeat and losses in the Ukraine invasion.

According to Bruce Jones, a British expert on Russia, a point is going to arrive “eventually” where the Russian military won’t be able to carry on the war because of losses where they are now “so depleted.”