Russia’s Bloody Tyrant Putin Desperate to Cling to Power

Russia’s atrocious dictator, Vladimir Putin is actually literally “fighting for his life”, albeit not in the medical sense of that expression.

He is highly likely to be assassinated if he gets deposed, according to expert sources.

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine is Catastrophic

Thinking it would be a piece of cake to conquer Ukraine, Putin dispatched some 200,000 Russian troops in a blitzkrieg invasion.

More than two months later, the deaths and suffering that he and his hordes of brutes caused Ukrainians have been tremendous.

However, the results for Putin’s military and Russia’s economic, international standing have been disastrous.

In the past 24 hours alone, Russia lost more than 300 troops, 15 tanks, 23 armored vehicles, 24 trucks and jeeps, 12 drones, 16 artillery pieces, and two missile systems.

Ukrainians managed to shoot down three Russian cruise missiles fired at them to destroy military and civilian infrastructure.

As Putin is naturally viewed as the main culprit for the war in Ukraine, and justifiably so, hopes have abounded if he is somehow removed from power, that will end the devastation and result in peace.

The fact of the matter is that there might be no way to remove him from power without violence. If Putin is no longer Russia’s state leader, he may be assassinated, Jack Keane, a former US general has warned.

That’s not even mentioning the certain prospect that Putin is going to be tried – whether in person or in absentia – for the acts of genocide, war crimes, and other crimes against humanity that he committed by way of his troops in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Putin Now a Full-Fledged Dead-ender

Keane emphasized that Putin, whose health is reported to be suffering from cancer, Parkinson’s, and other diseases abounding recently, is now prepared to “do anything” just to remain in power.

Keane noted that Putin is aware any potential successor could mean his death if that successor doesn’t agree with him or happens to hold a grudge.

The conventional wisdom is that Putin’s grip on power in Russia is really tight.

However, there have been rumors that a particular branch of the “siloviki”, i.e. Russian regime figures with a current or former background in the security and intelligence institutions, may actually move towards deposing the dictator and likely stopping the war.

Keane’s forecast that there will be no future for Putin beyond being the president of Russia is chilling; it appears to make the Moscow tyrant a complete dead-ender.

That has been confirmed by Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence agency, who said Putin’s death may be the only way to stop his bloody war against Ukrainians.

Budanov told The New Voice of Ukraine that it is “unrealistic” for Putin to stop his push to conquer Ukraine under any circumstances, including if he is given an option to retreat while saving face.