Zelenskyy: Russian Soldiers Kill Ukrainian Civilians for Fun

(Photo by the Ukrainian government shows civilians in Bucha killed by the Russians)

Russian troops sent by bloody tyrant Vladimir Putin to conquer Ukraine have literally been killing civilians “for fun”, as testified by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the United Nations Security Council.

Zelenskyy addressed on Tuesday the representatives of the 15 member states on the Security Council of the global intergovernmental organization.

Its five permanent and veto-wielding members include the United States, but also war crimes perpetrator Russia.

Taking the Bucha Massacre to the UN Security Council

His direct speech came after the preceding two to three days when Ukrainian forces discovered harrowing war crimes and acts of genocide in several towns and villages, committed while the area was under Russian occupation.

The Russian units that were supposed to conquer Kyiv have been defeated. They pulled out, apparently in order to be thrown into a big battle that Putin now plans to stage in Donbass, a region in Eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainians claim there is more to his plan, including getting killed the units that committed war crimes in Bucha so their troops cannot testify before a future tribunal.

As the entire world was shocked by the war crimes revealed in Bucha, Motyzhin, and other places northwest of Kyiv, Russia’s propaganda machine has been making ridiculous, sinful claims that its troops’ appalling crimes have been staged.

Zelenskyy, however, painted a different and likely far more truthful and credible picture as he addressed the UN Security Council on Tuesday. He said Russians have been killing wretched Ukrainian civilians just for fun.

Zelenskyy stated bluntly that Russia and its leader Putin committed genocide against the Ukrainian people, including nauseating accounts of gang rapes of local women by drunk Russian troops.

In one case in Brovary, northeast of Kyiv, the Russian brutes raped a Ukrainian mother and her 15-year-old daughter.

(Video snapshot shows Zelenskyy’s address to the UN SC)

Russia Must Be Put on Trial

Zelenskyy painted the unbelievable picture of people tortured and shot dead in the streets, in basement torture chambers, in their homes, or thrown in wells.

He recounted how Russian soldiers used their tanks to crush bodies already lying in the street “just for the pleasure” of being able to do it.

Zelenskyy compared Russian troops to the murderous Islamist terrorists from ISIS.

Zelenskyy then threw powerful critiques at the United Nations Security Council, wondering where the security and the UN guarantees for his country’s independence are.

Understandable as his frustration may be, though, his criticism still dwelled on the fact that the culprit for terrorism and genocide – Russia – has a veto-wielding seat on that same Security Council.

Zelenskyy showed the members of the UN Security Council a minute-long video of some of the most shocking sights discovered in Bucha after the Russian withdrawal.

He insisted Russia must be put on trial for the Bucha massacre and many more other war crimes and acts of genocide committed in Ukraine and still ongoing to this day.