Russian Soldiers Allowed by Wives to ‘Cheat’ by Raping Ukrainian Women

(Social media photo shows Tetiana Zadorozhniak from Ukraine’s Makariv, pictured here with her godchildren, was raped by a Russian soldier who then slit her throat and left her corpse to rot)

The rape of Ukrainian civilians of all ages and sexes is one of the most harrowing of the war crimes currently being committed by Russian troops.

However, a particularly shocking revelation shows at least some are actively encouraged to do that by their wives and girlfriends back in Russia, who give them the greenlight to “rape cheat”.

Mass-Scale Gang Rapes by Putin’s Beasts

Dozens of extremely shocking cases of rape of Ukrainian civilians, aged 1 to 78, including cases of boys being raped, by Russian soldiers have surfaced recently in Ukraine, each more horrifying than the preceding one.

Gang rapes and cases of pedophile rapes demonstrate that Russian soldiers are clearly using rape as a weapon of war.

Further and quite sickening evidence has now emerged of the deliberate, organized rape of Ukrainian people by Russian beasts.

The latest piece of evidence is a leaked telephone conversation between a Russian soldier based in Ukraine and his wife or girlfriend. The woman back in Russia allows her man to “cheat” on her by raping Ukrainian women. In fact, she actually encourages him to do it.

To make the matter even more nauseating, in the conversation tapped and posted on Twitter by Ukrainian intelligence, the young Russian woman tells her beloved Russian murderer and rapist to “use protection.”

To make it still even more disgusting, she can be heard slightly giggling the entire time; although the entire meaning, tone, and contents of the 30-second-long tape make it clear she isn’t joking.

The authenticity of the tape cannot be verified. However, it has been recorded and released online by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), a counter-intelligence agency.

In its Twitter post, the SBU says “Russian aggressors’ wives” actually “call upon their husbands to rape women in Ukraine.”

It adds the intercepted conversation in question “reflects the moral values” – or total lack thereof – not just of the actual soldiers, “but also of their relatives.”

The SBU adds 80% of the Russian population supports Putin’s war in Ukraine, according to public opinion polls.


(Social media footage snapshot shows corpses piled up in Bucha, Ukraine, with the body of the 3-year-old girl in the front showing signs of rape)

‘Wow, My Rape-Promoting, Russian Imperialist Wife is So ‘Cool’!’

The brief audio clip (found in the first tweet above, in Russian) starts with a young woman telling someone “Do it there, go ahead, rape Ukrainian women.”

She uses a slang word for “women”, which can be deemed denigrating. She then slightly giggles, and adds a condition for her allowing her husband or boyfriend to “rape-cheat”, which is  “don’t tell me anything!”

The man on the other side of the lines sounds slightly surprised because he asks explicitly whether he “should be raping” and “not tell you.”

His wife or girlfriend is once again affirmative, just asks that she isn’t told about it. The Russian soldier may be thinking, “Wow, my woman is so cool! She allows me to rape other women – and to make Russia great!”

However, he is still dismayed, and he slips a “May I, really?!”

“Yes, I allow you,” is the clear-cut answer given to him with another slight giggle.

At this point, the savage Russian woman shows once again how “caring” and “kind-hearted” she is, because she certainly cares deeply for her rapist-murderer husband. She adds shyly, “just use protection.”

“OK,” replies the “happy camper” from Putin’s savage army in Ukraine.

The conversation in question is utterly nauseating. It seems to confirm that many in Russia view the people of Ukraine as lesser human beings, or at least as inferior to the Russians.

In one of the cases of utterly appalling gang rapes in Bucha, near Kyiv, Russian soldiers took 25 Ukrainian girls and women – aged 14 to 25 – and turned them into sex slaves.

As they kept them in a basement and kept raping them, Russian soldiers told them they would keep violating them so much the young women would never want to have sex again and never birth Ukrainian babies.

Other extremely shocking cases reported on by Euromaidan Press revealed how Russian soldiers gang-raped a 9-year-old girl and an 11-year-old girl.

That’s not even mentioning the corpses of very young girls – aged three – found with torn-up genitalia.

This was the rape of a baby by a Russian paratrooper who filmed it and even got arrested by his own troops.

Then, there was also the rape of a 11-year-old boy in Bucha whose mother was forced to watch.