Russian Immigrants Rally for Putin’s War in Ukraine

(Social media footage snapshot shows Russians in Frankfurt, Germany, rally in support of Putin’s war crimes and genocide in Ukraine)

In a bizarre and shameful sight, Russians currently residing in Germany have come together in street rallies to support their bloodthirsty dictator Vladimir Putin’s nauseating war in Ukraine.

‘Zombified’ ‘Orcs’ Excited about Putin’s Atrocities

While the entire world has been terrified at the sight of the Russian war crimes out of Bucha and other parts of Ukraine, basic human decency appears to be lost to thousands of Russian immigrants in Germany.

Several German cities have seen rallies in support of Putin’s criminal war, genocide, and war crimes.

The rallies have brought together Russian immigrant crowds of up to 2,000 “orcs,” as the Russians are known in Ukraine, and now beyond, because of their mass-scale blind allegiance to the murderous Putin dictatorship.

The Russian war rallies in Germany only verify the notion that “mindless orcs” have been so “zombified” that even access to free media and plentiful information hasn’t opened their eyes to the barbarity of Putin’s war.

The pro-war Russian rallies invite the question as to why US ally and fellow NATO member Germany allowed them in the first place.

(Social media footage snapshot shows Russians in Frankfurt, Germany, rally in support of Putin’s war crimes and genocide in Ukraine)

Parades of Shame Not Banned

The pro-Putin, pro-war rallies in Germany have been dubbed “parades of shame” by commentators, but that still doesn’t answer the question as to why they have been allowed.

Perhaps it’s to expose the true colors of murder-loving Russians, regardless of whether they live in the West or somewhere in the frost and mud of Siberia.

The biggest rally of shame in support of Putin’s war was in the German city of Frankfurt on Saturday. About 2,000 Russian “zombies” came together to rage in favor of mass murders in Ukraine, The Daily Mail reported.

Some of the Russians in the rally in Hannover argued they were protesting also against the “discrimination” of Russian citizens in Germany who are in favor of Putin’s war.

Of course, that is the top issue in world politics nowadays, and not the massacre of Ukrainian civilians or the rape and murders of Ukrainian women and children.

There was also a large pro-Putin, pro-war Russian motorcade in Berlin last weekend.

At 2020-end, there were some 235,000 Russians living in Germany, alongside 135,000 Ukrainians, as per official data.

Boris Pistorius, the interior minister of the German state of Lower Saxony, warned on Friday, that while Germany defends the right of assembly and protest, it won’t allow it to be “exploited for Russian war propaganda.”

However, it remains unclear for the time being whether the German authorities would take any measures to limit the public displays of support for Russian atrocities in Ukraine by the brainwashed Russian orcs.