Russian City Near Ukraine Suffers Mystery Helicopter Attack on Oil Depot

(Social media footage snapshot shows one of the two attacking helicopters flying away from the Belgorod attack side)

A mystery helicopter attack in Russia’s Belgorod, a city near the border with Ukraine, has puzzled the world.

It remains a mystery whether it was an extremely daring, professional operation by the Ukrainians or a false flag operation by the Russians.

An oil depot in Belgorod was destroyed by missiles fired from two helicopters on Friday morning, shortly after 5 am.

Daring Ukrainian Attack on Russia or Putin’s False Flag Operation?

Both the explosion aftermath and the actual helicopter attack were captured on footage from different angles, and the videos have been shared on social media.

The United States and its allies within the NATO military alliance have been warning the Putin regime would have used a different target for a false flag operation.

The Russian autocrat invaded democratic, pro-Western Ukraine on February 24 with the goal of conquering it within one to two days for his neo-Soviet Russian empire.

According to the latest estimate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, as of Friday morning, Ukrainian defenders have killed more than 17,700 Russian troops; they have destroyed more than 4,000 units of Russian military equipment of various types.


(Social media footage snapshot shows the explosion in Belgorod)

Russians Told Ukraine’s Air Force is Destroyed

The Russian reaction has been far more toned down than expected in the case of a false flag operation.

Russian state-owned news agency TASS also blamed the explosion in Belgorod on a Ukrainian helicopter attack.

It said more than 170 firefighters and 50 units of equipment were rushed to battle the ensuing blaze. There were reports that four people were injured in the attack, and part of Belgorod was evacuated.

Belgorod has been a major hub for the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine; it is located barely 50 miles away from Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city with a population of 1.6 million people.

Russian social media users were wondering how Ukraine could carry out such an attack, after the Putin regime announced one week into the war that the Ukrainian air force had been totally destroyed.

Putin’s own press secretary commented before reporters that the alleged helicopter attack in Belgorod isn’t “something” that will create “comfortable conditions” for the continuation of Russian – Ukrainian ceasefire talks.

Bizarrely enough, Ukraine’s government has failed to claim the attack on the Russian oil depot, with two key members of the Cabinet in Kyiv saying they could neither confirm, nor deny it.

One was Dmytro Kuleba, the foreign minister, who was he didn’t “possess all the military information” in order to confirm or deny.

The spokesman of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Oleksandr Motuzyanyk, said the war didn’t mean Ukraine is responsible for every incident in Russia, and he couldn’t confirm or deny the attack either.

Two days ago, an alleged Ukrainian missile strike hit an arms depot in Belgorod; in the early days of the war, a Ukrainian missile attack hit a Russian military airfield near Rostov in Southern Russia.