Russia Won’t Be Able to Wage War For Years

(Social media footage snapshot shows the sinking of the Mosvka cruiser in the Black Sea)

The military losses of Russia in the war against Ukraine are already so catastrophic that it will be unable to wage war for years to come, according to US analysts.

Russian tyrant Putin wanted to conquer Ukraine for his anti-utopian, neo-Soviet Russian empire.

However, he didn’t factor in the utterly determined, efficient, and valiant resistance of the brave Ukrainians. They have managed to turn the tide with the help of weapons from America and other western military aid.

Russia’s Mind-Blowing Losses

As of Wednesday, after 62 days of fighting, a total of 22,400 Russian troops have been killed and about 5,500 units of Russian military equipment have been destroyed, per the latest estimate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

In many cases, the destroyed Russian military units are the most modern ones Russia had, leaving Putin’s military to resort to pulling old Soviet Era equipment from rusty warehouses.

According to US defense analysts, Russia will need “years” in order to replenish the military equipment inventories that it lost already; meanwhile, the war remains ongoing and Russia’s losses will only grow.

Crucial Russian inventories “are getting low”, according to Mark Cancian, from the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC, as cited by British newspaper, The Times.

According to another expert, Henry Boyd of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Soviet-Era stockpiles all across Russia remain sizable.

However, he cautioned “most Russian soldiers” might actually be incapable of using the outdated equipment, due to a lack of sufficient training.

(The Daily Mail)

‘Hard Nut to Crack’

After the failure of the “first phase of the war”, as Putin and his propagandists painted it,  badly defeated Russian units pulled out of the “northern front” where they failed to capture Kyiv.

Speaking on Tuesday, the British armed forces minister, James Heappey, declared the Ukrainian troops in the Donbas region would be a “difficult nut” for Putin’s hordes to crack.

Heappey also said it was “completely legitimate” for the Ukrainians to target military sites inside Russia. On Wednesday, Ukraine apparently blew up an entire Russian arms depot in the city of Belgorod in a missile strike.

He cautioned the same facilities would otherwise be used by the Russians in order to wage war on Ukraine with greater ferociousness and murder more civilians.

Before the start of the war, Russia’s military had nearly 900,000 employees on paper, including 280,000 ground force soldiers. Ukraine’s military was at nearly 250,000, including 125,000 ground forces.

According to King’s College London professor Michael Clarke, to try to seize all of Ukraine and control it, the Russians would have needed about one million troops.

In the event of total war, Russia could mobilize 17 million soliders, while Ukraine can counter with five million.

However, the figures in question are impossible to attain because the mobilization of new troops is fully dependent on the number and quality of available military equipment.