Russia Will ‘Hold Gun to America’s Head’, Putin’s Propagandists Threaten

With relations between the West and an aggressively-posturing Russia sinking to fresh lows, Russian leader Vladimir Putin issued a direct threat-like warning to the United States and its NATO allies.

Putin’s own media propaganda stooges have been far more explicit by stating Russia will be “holding a gun” to “America’s head”.

The ever more aggressive rhetoric coming out of Moscow is unraveling against the backdrop of seeming foreign and security policy weakness of the Democrat administration of Sleepy Joe Biden.

Putin Threats Disguised as Warnings

Since Sleepy Joe occupied the White House in January, Putin has been amassing troops at Ukraine’s borders; he’s also been threatening an all-out conventional forces invasion in order to extract concessions from the Biden administration.

The pipe that will double the Russian natural gas deliveries straight to Germany was under sanctions imposed by President Trump. This was supposed to defend Europe’s energy security and political independence from Moscow, but has now been completed, thanks to Sleepy Joe.

The current Russian military build-up near Ukraine began in October-November. It recently culminated into a set of demands by Putin that the US and NATO agree to never admit Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries into the NATO alliance.

This comes amongst other brazen demands no sane Western politician could acquiesce to. Putin told a Russian Defense Ministry meeting that Russia was inclined to undertake “military measures” vis-à-vis the West, as cited by The Daily Mail.

Putin vowed to “react toughly” to any potential “unfriendly steps” against the US and its Western allies in Ukraine. He says Russia is entitled to do so, without specifying what exactly he would construe as presenting such “unfriendly” moves.

On Tuesday, Putin recycled his well-known arguments that America’s word cannot be trusted. Yet, at the same time, he said Russia wanted from the United States “long-term” and “legally binding guarantees”.

He blamed the current “tension” in Europe entirely on the United States and justified Russia’s military aggressiveness as having to “respond somehow”.

Putin then kept complaining about being unable to “allow” the West to put its armaments – such as offensive missile systems – very close to Moscow.

(Dmitry Kiselyov’s Twitter profile)

Chief Propagandist Viciously Threatens America

Meanwhile, as Putin’s threats were disguised as warnings, his chief Russian state television propagandists fumed on-air, issuing much more forceful propaganda menaces for America’s destruction.

Dmitry Kiselyov, hands down the worst of Putin’s propaganda stooges, declared on Monday night, should NATO station any troops in Ukraine, Russia would “put a gun” to the head of the United States.

He also threatened America and the NATO alliance to either stand down, or everyone would be “turned into radioactive ash” in the ensuing conflict.

Kiselyov then went on a fuming tirade about how Russia is now “100% willing” to resort to force in order to defend the red lines it has set as a “life or death matter.”