Russia to Attack US Ally Poland After Ukraine War, Chechen Warlord Vows

Once Russia defeats Ukraine in the current war, it is going to destroy Poland, one of the most important US allies worldwide.

Chechen warlord Kadyrov, whom Putin described in the past as his “spiritual son,” declared Russia has to destroy Poland because of the latter’s relentless support for Ukraine.

Russians Score Slight Advance at Harrowing Cost

Kadyrov and his supposedly much-feared Chechen troops have played a questionable role in Putin’s war against Ukraine so far.

They are known to have been active on the ground while, at the same time, they have been even far more active on social media with staged propaganda videos.

Friday was particularly fruitful for the Ukrainians in terms of the downing of Russian aircraft; their forces managed to shoot down four Russian attack helicopters and a Su-35, the best Russian fighter jet which costs $85 million apiece.

The Su-35 in question was downed by an old Ukrainian Soviet-era MiG-29 fighter jet.

Over the past week, the Russians have been throwing into battle all reserve units and heavy weaponry that they have left.

On Sunday, the Ukrainian command made it clear it is considering a retreat in order to avoid encirclement by the Russians.

Latest Nuclear Threat From Russia

Even though a Russian victory in terms of conquering all of Ukraine appears like a very long shot, at best, a report by Russian news site Meduza said on Friday the Kremlin still considers it possible.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Kadyrov, the Chechen warlord, declared in a clear case of fake propaganda that Russia’s victory over Ukraine is now “a done deal” and he is now “interested in Poland”.

He then went on to declare Russia is “capable” of destroying Poland “in six seconds,” once the war in Ukraine “is done.”

In a prior video message, Kadyrov insisted that Poland apologize after the Russian ambassador in Warsaw was dosed in red paint by an activist as a symbol of vicious bloodshed in Ukraine committed by the Russians.

He urged the Poles to remove their “weapons and mercenaries” from Ukraine and apologize to the Russian diplomat.

It is actually in Chechnya where local men have been abducted and forced to fight, or, rather, serve as “cannon fodder” in Ukraine.

Utilizing some of the “best” traditions of communist Soviet propaganda, Kadyrov was speaking about Poland, pretending it isn’t a major US ally and a member of the NATO alliance.

An attack against one NATO member is legally considered an attack against all.

The murderous Chechen warlord echoed comments by propagandists on Russian state television; they routinely threatened individual western countries – such as Poland, Germany, Romania, or the UK – with nuclear destruction.

However, they are also deliberately forgetting the United States is certain to strike back and destroy Russia in such a scenario.

Nations such as the UK and France also have nuclear weapons and are fully capable of destroying Russia on their own.