Russia Makes Giant Plunder of Ukraine’s Most Precious Resource

(Maxar Technologies satellite photo shows Russian bulk carriers presumably being loaded with plundered Ukrainian grain in the Black Sea port of Sevastopol)

Russian troops and intelligence services are already conducting giant plunder of the most precious resource of the occupied regions of Ukraine: entire shiploads of grain.

The spoils were deemed so valuable that agents of the two main Russian intelligence services even shot at each other earlier this month.

Presently, about 20% of Ukraine’s territory is under some form of control by Putin’s brutal hordes.

Plunder of Ukraine’s Grain Caught on Satellite Photos

Even more than three months after the start of the invasion, Russians are still in control of large swaths of Southern and Southeast Ukraine.

The regions in question have some of the best agricultural land in the world. Ukraine, as a whole, has been among the top three producers and exporters of grain globally.

According to the Ukrainian government and the regional administration of Kherson, Russian invaders have already managed to seize giant amounts of wheat from Ukraine’s silo storage facilities in the occupied regions.

Earlier in May, there was a report about the first such vessel loaded with plundered Ukrainian wheat, a ship with a capacity of 27,000 metric tons.

Since then, however, the Russian plunder of Ukrainian grain appears to have grown and intensified tremendously.

Footage on the ground shows trucks loaded with stolen grain, while satellite images show the same with respect to Russian ships on the Crimean Peninsula.

Fresh video footage shared on social media shows dozens of trucks said to be loaded with grain out of the regions of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia. They are headed towards the Crimea, apparently for more exports of the grain plunder.

(Maxar Technologies satellite photo shows Russian bulk carriers presumably being loaded with plundered Ukrainian grain in the Black Sea port of Sevastopol)

Russian Intelligence Mafias Shooting One Another Over Grain Plunder

Putin may be seeking deliberately to spur a global crisis based on food shortages with the disruptions of the Ukrainian wheat exports to numerous countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Among other things, the food shortage caused by Putin may bring about a wave of illegal immigrants toward Europe, which could completely destabilize America’s allies there.

The current gigantic plunder of Ukrainian grain seems to be for the benefit of not the Russian state, but of the Russian military and intelligence agencies. They are operating like mafia-style structures, not unlike the entire Putin regime.

According to Ukrainian sources, such as presidential office advisor and former military intelligence officer Oleksiy Arestovich, in mid-May, there was a bewildering incident.

Representatives of Russia’s two main intelligence agencies shot at each other for the spoils of plundered wheat.

The dispute as to which structure gets to “export” the stolen Ukrainian wheat occurred in the Kherson region between operatives of the FSB, the successor of the former Soviet KGB, and the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence.

It remained unclear which of the two intelligence services prevailed and got to benefit by sending abroad the stolen Ukrainian grain from Kherson.